Saturday, September 15, 2012

Closing in Randallstown - Aquarium Depot

It is with great sadness that inform you that the Aquarium Depot in Randallstown is closing.  The closing date has not yet been determined, but based on their current inventory, it will not be too long in coming.

You'll recall that a few months ago the Aquarium Depot moved from its larger location in the Randallstown Plaza to a smaller location right next door.  I can understand downsizing in this troubling economy that neither Barack Obama, nor Martin O'Malley seem to be able to solve.

I searched the news on Google to find the comments of disappointment and outrage from the elected officials in that jurisdiction.  I saw nothing from our state-wide elected Martin O'Malley, Ben Cardin, and Barbara Mikulski.  I guess they don't care that another small business in Maryland is closing.  Congressman Dutch Ruppersburger has made no statements.  He must be too busy eating.  State Senator Delores G. Kelley?  Yeah, right.  She doesn't give a crap about her district.  At least that the appearance that her website dictates as she hasn't updated any news since July.  Way to be in touch with your constituents!

State Delegate Emmett C. Burns?  He's too busy trying to silence Brendon Ayanbadejo and the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  Apparently he hates gay people so much that he thinks the Ravens should tell Ayanbadejo to keep his support of gay marriage to himself.  Who knew that he hated Constitution so much?  And doesn't seem to care about his constituents?

State Delegate Adrienne A. Jones?  She doesn't even have a website!  Way to keep things 1977!!! Nor is there any news about her that I can find on the Internet.  I guess she's not concerned about the failing businesses in her district.

Let's hope State Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam is concerned.  She has a website!  That's a start.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of broken links on her news page, so she must be out of touch right now.  She does, however, want her constituents to have "quality" healthcare.  Since she didn't specify good or bad quality healthcare (she's probably ignorant of the correct use of the term), I'll assume she wants her constituents to have bad quality healthcare.

Let's look at our Baltimore County politicians.  The Baltimore County Executive is Kevin Kamenetz.  Nope.  Though he is excited about the opening of the new Super Wal-Mart that is creating 350 minimum wage jobs.

Surely the Baltimore County Councilman Ken Oliver will be right there fighting for the local businesses.  Oh, no.  Ken Oliver is actually busy trying to STOP businesses from coming to his district!

Sadly for the owners and employees of the Aquarium Depot in Randallstown, none of their elected officials seem to care that they are closing.  It makes me sad.  And it makes me wonder why their constituents keep reelecting them.

Anyway, I went to the Aquarium Depot on Friday afternoon to pick up some more food for my convict cichlids.  I saw the sign on the door that they are closing and many items are 30-40% off.  I walked in and the guy that works there all the time saw me and I told him that it sucks that they're closing.  He replied, "Right?!!!"

I ended up getting 2 bags of food and large and medium sized filter replacements.  Might as well stock up and help them out in the mean time.  Where do we go now? PetSmart?  Are there any other high quality non-big box aquarium stores left?  I know of one in Glen Burnie, but I don't know of any others.


jighead said...

Yes this does suck "big time"this was my all time favorite store to go too,better than the on in GB in my opinion as it had more selections.

Sad what this country has done to small business,gets worse every day.

The powers that be don't even care as long as they can keep their high paying jobs with big benefits...

James Harry said...

Democrats grow government through the systematic shut down of the economy. This is accomplished through excessive taxation and regulation. Tax the rich is one slogan of the left. Most "rich" are rich because they work 14 hour days for years to establish their businesses. When the rich are taxed they just pass on this higher expense through higher prices. The dumb voter just doesn't seem to understand this concept.

322Rich said...

very sad. i bought some really cool fish here throughout the years. also, still have my teardrop pond liner and concrete alligator fountain. used to make trips here frequently. it was almost like going to the National Aquarium except you could bring stuff home. /=

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