Monday, September 03, 2012

Martin O'Malley Hates Professional Courtesy

You know your state's governor is a first-class jackass when he ignores all professional courtesy and conducts press conferences during the GOP convention right across the street from the Tampa convention center to pump up his own future bid for governor.

Yes, we are talking about Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley as he continues to prove why he is the most disrespectful governor in the United States and possibly the history of the known universe.  NASA recently reported that the Mars Rover was unable to find a governor on Mars who was more disrespected.

Last week, as you know, was the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida.  Rather than let the Republicans have their moment to determine their party's platform and choose their candidate, Martin O'Malley drops all pretenses of professional courtesy and crashed the party and bad-mouthed representatives of the party who are not named Mitt Romney, namely New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Is O'Malley predicting that Chris Christie will be the Republican candidate in 2016, or is this a case of adult bullying on the playground?

O'Malley attacked all Republicans as being beholden to right-wing extremists, which is ironic, because O'Malley is beholden to left-wing extremists; people that hate the Constitution and unborn babies, but love murderers and illegal aliens, views that are logically flawed.

O'Malley, in his lame attempt at humor, continues to use the analogy about the dog chasing the fire truck.  This is coming from a governor of a state whose jurisdictions continue to close fire stations so that there is more money to give to illegal aliens in an effort to capture their illegal votes come election time.  I bet the men and women from the closed Truck 6 company on Fort Avenue in Baltimore do not think O'Malley's analogies are very funny.

The Democrats seem to be adopting the platform of hatred of firemen (and their dogs) and providing means for illegal aliens to skirt the laws.  We already know that their platform is anti-business, you know - those greedy evil companies that hire people and pay them money and provide health insurance.  Those bastards!  How dare they interfere with a government function!

The ever condescending Martin O'Malley seems set on political grandstanding, truth distortion, and shameless mud-slinging attacks to veer attention away from the problems of his own state.  He knows that if a Republican becomes President and tries to reduce the budget to spending levels that are realistic and more sustainable based on the tax base of the country, Maryland will suffer drastically as it relies on MEGA-government.  If O'Malley can put up enough smoke and mirrors, he thinks it will help his attempts to become the next President in 2016.  God help us.

And by the way, if during the Democratic convention, the Republicans do the same shameless acts that O'Malley performed, I will call them out for it, as well.

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