Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Night With Lynryd Skynyrd & Bad Company

I had the pleasure of attending the Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bad Company concert at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly known as Nissan Pavilion, (was it ever known as Datsun Pavilion???)) down in Bristow, Virginia.  I've never been to Jiffy Lube Live, so it was definitely an experience for me.

The drive down there is about an hour and a half from Eldersburg.  The Big E.  E-Burg to the locals.  A friend of a friend drove down....in his car without air conditioning.....on that day it was like 105°.

We hung out in the parking lot for a while (not drinking beer, of course).  There are some RED rednecks down in Vah-ginia.  We were one of the few vehicles there that wasn't a pick-up truck or flying the Confederate battle flag, or both.

I'll tell you what, though.  There's nothing hotter than a chick with a pony tail, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots.  And there were plenty of them there.  Though most were in their 40's and 50's.  Oh, well.

I've always like Bad Company, the way I like a band that I know many of their songs.  But they put on one hell of a show.  Paul Rodgers is back and he still sounds great.

Here's my fantastic picture that I took with my iPhone, because all entertainment venues prohibit you from bringing DSLRs.  That rule is for our safety, of course.  Do they really think I'm going to be hocking high quality pictures of Bad Company on the open market?  Such an incredibly STUPID rule.

Like anything, it is not worth attending if you cannot do some people-watching.  This old man stole his grandson's clothes and was a dancing fool.  This was before the music started.  Did I mention that he had an enormous hole in his ear?  Ewe!!!

Rock on, brother!!!!

Here are a couple of short videos I recorded with my iPhone.  Sounds great!

Here's the title song Bad Company of Bad Company's first album, which was called Bad Company.

Here's another one I'm sure you know, Feel Like Making Love.

I only recorded on Lynyrd Skynyrd song as it was getting dark and all it was recording was a bright white spot on stage.  This is my favorite Skynyrd song Call Me The Breeze, which is a cover of J.J. Cale's song.

It was a great concert.  I'm glad I sent, despite the fact that I didn't get home until almost 2am.  Ever try to get out of Jiffy Lube Live?  It takes like 2 HOURS!!!

Who's next on my concert list?  I still want to see Def Leppard, Motley Crue, and ZZ Top.  I've never seen them.  Who would you like to see in concert?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ocean City - Are We Done?

I'm back!  We just returned from our vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  And might this be our last trip to Ocean City, Maryland?

As always, we rose early, much to the chagrin of my kids.  We were out the door at 5:30am.  That's 30 minutes later than when I wanted to leave.  But that's okay.

We crossed the Bay Bridge at 6:30am, with no cars being plowed over the side and into the bay like the previous night.  One of my coworkers got stuck in that mess the prior night and didn't reach Ocean City until 4am.

Several years ago we told my son that he couldn't fish off of the Route 50 bridge until he was 11.  Now he's 11.  And he remembers.  So we fished off of the bridge twice.  We also fished the inlet once and surf fished once.  Here are some of our prizes.

I caught this red drum on Friday night.  It was 18 inches long.  The best part of this is that the handle on the reel broke as I was reeling him in.  As you may know, the bridge is about 20-30 feet above the water.  I used my hands to pull the line in.  It was definitely worth the prize.  Once I got my photograph, I tossed him back to his waters.  I spoke to some people about this catch.  They couldn't believe I tossed him back, as he was a keeper.  What was I to do with an 18 inch fish on the last night of my vacation?  I threw him back hoping to catch him again next year when he's 25 inches long

Ocean City seems to be known for its flounder.  I didn't catch any, but my son caught at least 4.  Nasty little things they are.

We both caught a whiting.  Lame fish.

And my son caught this toad fish.  This one was pretty big, probably about 6-7 inches long.  His jaws are strong enough to take off your finger.  And break through clam and oyster shells.

We both caught plenty of black sea bass, the blue gill of the ocean.  I caught a really big spot fish and my son caught a few small ones.  Additionally, he caught a horseshoe crab and 2 blue crabs.  Overall, it was a good week for fishing.

Other than our fishing, the only other notable topic is the boardwalk.  Oh, the boardwalk.  We stick out like a sore thumb.  OR - we stick out like the white people without tattoos, who aren't morbidly obese, and we don't smoke and we don't cuss our mother f*****n mouth off all the mother f*****n time, you dumb mother f*******r.  The Ocean City boardwalk is NOT a family-friendly place to be.  They can campaign all they want, but it's just not true.  It's a haven for thugs and ghetto mentality.  It is not where you take children, is unless you want your kids to cuss and get tattoos and learn to act like a mother f*****n jackass.

The beach - EVERYONE seems to smoke at the beach.  And what is the appropriate thing to do with cigarette butts?  Throw them in the sand, of course.  That is unless you're in a parking lot or on the street.  Then you try to see how far you can flick it.  I went for a jog one morning and I saw a elderly Dundalk woman from hell with tattoos smoking and flick her cigarette as I was about to pass her.  As I ran by I hollered, "You dropped your cigarette!"  She looked at me and said, "f**k you, you mother f*****n a**h**e!!!"  Yes.  I am the bad guy here.

What is going on?  Is this the MTV generation taking over?  It's like they have their own Ten Commandments - Be rude to thy neighbor.  Smoke a cigarette.  F**** you!.  Let's eat some more.  How 'bout a tattoo, hon?  Turn your hat sideways.  Smoke another cigarette.  Pull your pants half way down your ass.  And cuss some more.

I told my wife that we need to start looking into somewhere else to go on vacation.  Somewhere out of state.  Outer Banks?  Myrtle Beach?

Where do you go on vacation?  What are your thoughts on Ocean City?  Is it as bad as I perceive it to be? Should I be spending my money somewhere else?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

O'Malley's Convention Center Hotel Blunder

I've said before that the government, be it national, state, or municipal, should not be in the business of competing with private corporations.  There are several reasons, and, despite what Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley says, none of these are former Republican Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich's fault.

The government has a de facto advantage over private organizations.  One example is that the government has the abused power of eminent domain.  If the government (read former Baltimore County Executive Dutch Ruppersberger) wants to remove some homes or underutilized waterfront properties, it can abuse its powers and confiscate the properties, removing the tenant, and giving them what they think is just compensation in return, even if the compensation is re-donkulously low.

The government tends to not understand simple economics.  For example, my car may be worth $100.  However, if a member of the Maryland House of Delegates like Kumar Barve gets drunk again and crashes into my car and totals it, then I have to replace the car.  I cannot replace it for the $100 that it was worth.  My cost of replacement is much higher.  So let's say that the government confiscates a retired person's property and gives them $35,000.  What are they going to do with that?  They may not be able to afford a house payment on a new property, despite being able to use the proceeds as a down-payment.  They are retired and have no earned income anymore.  See how this is a problem?  Private corporations cannot remove you from your property.  Advantage - the government.

Additionally, the government can stonewall private corporations from getting their projects completed.  Need an inspection?  We'll be there in August.  Need a review of your site plan?  Should be done by next May.  Need a tax-break?  Nope.  Oh, this is a government project?  We'll send someone out today.  Tax-break?  Sure, no problem.  Advantage - the government.

Now onto today's big news.  The Baltimore Convention Center Hilton Hotel is failing.  It is failing miserably.  The giant eye-sore hotel that obstructs the nice view that Camden Yards fans once had is losing MILLIONS of dollars per year.  Martin O'Malley pushed hard for this city-owned hotel when he was mayor.  Why should the city be in the hotel business???

Baltimore City-owned eyesore Hilton Convention Center Hotel
And to top it off, Martin O'Malley is blaming Bob Ehrlich for the boondoggle, and even took a stab at former President Bush.  O'Malley said, "You may recall, at the time, that we asked, we were told no by the then governor" regarding putting the state tax-payers on the hilt for the bill.  Ehrlich had the balls to say, 'no, it is not in the best interests of the state tax-payers to build and operate a hotel in Baltimore City'.  But yet it's Ehrlich's fault.  O'Malley got all mad. He then put city residents on the hilt for the bill, who now cannot afford it. O'Malley then went on to mention that this occurred right before the recession, an obvious jab at Bush.  George Bush got us into an illegal war, then destroyed the environment, and gave oil money to Halliburton, which sunk the entire country into a recession, which caused companies to not want to come to Baltimore for conventions (ignore the fact that most companies weren't coming to Baltimore for conventions in the first place), which caused revenue shortages, which now causes the city tax-payers to be responsible for the short-fall.  Stupid George Bush.

Nothing is EVER Martin O'Malley's fault.  He NEVER makes bad decisions.  It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.  He sounds a lot like my brother.  Listen, Gov.  You need to start taking responsibility and be accountable for your actions.  This is what we tell our children all the time.  It's time to lead by example and stop whining like a politician.

On This Date in History - Revisited

I found this blog post that I wrote 6 years ago back in 2007.  It made me laugh then and it makes me laugh now.  Funny how some of these don't seem that far off!

On this date in the future, the following events will happen.
2012 - the Orioles win their first game after losing 277 straight games, which spanned over three seasons. Season attendance averages 12.
2017 - Hilton Hotels goes out of business after heir Paris Hilton takes over and has all hotels painted pink and requires all locations be renamed with "Hot" as the prefix, though the Hot Hilton at South Beach does surprisingly well.
2021 - filming of Rocky XXXVII is suspended after Sylvester Stallone leaves the set to play bingo at the Sunny Hills Retirement Home.
2028 - the first person not named Bush or Clinton will take office after the Chelsea Clinton scandal. She was forced to resign after leaving a profanity laden message on Secretary of State Alec Baldwin's voicemail. Former presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush all condemned this occurrence as it violated the Voicemail Message Act of 2010. Vice-President Apple Paltrow will be sworn as soon as the United Nations approves a French citizen can rule the United States.
2033 - the United Nations suspects that Fidel Castro is no longer ruling Cuba after video surfaced of him giving a speech where marionette wires can be seen moving his arms and head.
2037 - 73 year old Barry Bonds retires from baseball after hitting 2,743 home runs. He claims that he was having a hard time finding new places to inject steroids.
2079 - MS-AOL-Google-soft buys the last remaining publicly traded technology company for $8 quadrillion. The T. Rowe Price Sci-tech fund now has one holding.
2172 - Republicans are allowed to return to the state of Maryland after a 150 year ban that was effected when Governor Peter Franchot signed the Democrat Safety and Security Act.
2344 - The United Cloned Nations council dissolves all foreign governments as all leaders are now basically ruled by the same person - the clone of Martin O'Malley.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Martin O'Malley's Tax Alphabet Soup

The sheer number of tax and fee increases under Governor O'Malley is astonishing.  I could make several bowls of tax and fee alphabet soup, but decided to make just one.  Amazingly I was able to find a tax for almost every letter of the alphabet.  Which one is your favorite tax or fee increase?

A - alcoholic beverage tax increase of 50%

B - Birth Certificate fee increased 100%

C - Certification fee for vehicles increased by 100%

D - Death Certificate fee increased by 100%

E - Electricity rates increased to subsidize off-shore wind farms

F - Fishing license increase of 100%

G - Gas tax that is regressive to re-fund the Transportation Trust Fund that he depleted

H - Handgun licensing fee

I - Income tax increase to middle-class Marylanders

J - we're not Joking, this is a lot of taxes.

K - estimated number of people Killed in Maryland since O'Malley became governor is 2,500.  That's 2,500 people no-longer paying taxes.

L - license plate fee increase of 100% for vanity plates

M - motor vehicle dealer processing charge

N - Non-cigarette tax increase of 100% on snuff and cigars

O - Out-of-State Attorney admission fee

P - property tax increase

Q - Quit taxing us so much or we're moving to Delaware.

R - Rain Tax

S - Sales tax increase of 20% when he took office

T - toll increases of 33% at bridges and tunnels in Maryland

U -unclogged - 29,579 miles of roads that have not been unclogged despite O'Malley claiming he supports investments in public transportation.  No new public transportation projects have been completed since he became governor.

V - Vehicle Registration Surcharge

W - Wholesale tax to gasoline that was newly applied

X - x-businesses in Maryland total 3,500 since O'Malley became Governor.

Y - Yikes, more taxes are on the way if Tony Brown becomes Govenor.

Z - Zebra tax - 200% increase in tax to transport zebras across state lines. (not real)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Matapeake State Park Fishing Report

Last Friday my son asked to go fishing.  Let me rephrase that.  He told me that we were going fishing. He requested that we go to Jonas Green Park in Anne Arundel County.  However, I set myself on fishing on Kent Island, to which he agreed.

My nephew wanted to come with us, and this kid is an early bird.  If you tell him to be up at 6am, he'll be up at 4am.  I agreed to get up at 5am.  My nephew took that to mean we were leaving at 5am, to which he got up at said 4am. We did get out the door at 5:20.

We made a quick stop at the new Royal Farms in Eldersburg for fuel. I would have gotten some western fries, but I didn't have the 20 minutes to spare.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw the first of three almost accidents.  A person was pulling out of the Exxon and turned left going south on Route 32.  You cannot turn left as it is a divided road.  Well, technically you can turn left, but you'll be driving against traffic.  The person suddenly realized their mistake, something Maryland Govenor Martin O'Malley is not wont to do, then did a u-turn.

We stopped at Angler's in Annapolis just off of Route 50/301 and picked up some razor clams.  We continued on, paid our 6 bucks to cross the Bay Bridge, and then headed south on MD Route 8.  After missing the turn for Matapeake State Park, just like last year, we turned around and finally found our way.  I paid the $10 parking fee to Martin O'Malley, then we hit the pier at 6:58 am.  We got there before 7am, which was my goal.

Our view of the Bay Bridge from Matapeake State Park.

For the history buffs out there, Matapeake served as a terminus on the eastern side of the bay for the ferry before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was built in 1952.  When the bridge opened and the ferry was discontinued, the terminus was converted to the state park.  It now services as a boat launch and a police boat dock.

The Matapeake State Park fishing pier.

We fished for a while, but only caught a few spot fish.  My son caught a croaker, the first of the year for him.  At about 10:45, my son had had enough and we decided to head down to the end of Route 8 to Romancoke Pier.  We fished there for an hour and a half, and my son caught a blue fish, which was all we caught. He had had enough there and was ready to go back to Matapeake.

On our way to Romancoke, I spotted this airplane in a field.  Then I remembered - there was a small plane crash recently.  No one was hurt.  But the plane is still there.

I checked the tidal information and learned that one of the peak tides would be at 2:30, or so.  This meant that the fish would be moving before and after this.  We hadn't fished for more than half an hour when suddenly we had to try hard NOT to catch a fish.  We were catching spot and white perch with nearly every cast.  My son added a striped bass, his first of the year (I have yet to catch a croaker or a spot.  Or a blue fish, for that matter.)

Other fisherman started taking notice of us.  Some approached us and asked what we were doing.  Just using razor clams.  Plus we hold the line with our fingers so that you can feel when a fish is nibbling on the line, then WHAM!!!  You got him.

At about 4:30, I had had enough.  The sun had drained me.  My son estimated that we caught about 60 fish.  I believe it.  We kept 9 fish -all white perch.  I made Eldersburg Jambalaya with them.  It was also the first time I had cleaned fish.   Normally I rely on my boyscout neighbor to take care of that task.  All in all is was okay.

Oh, the other two almost crashes.  I was driving north on I-97 where MD Route 100 breaks off to the right when a car in the fast lane decided he wanted to slide across three lanes of the interstate, but he only made it to the shoulder, swerved hard back to the left, then nearly taking out the sign before acquiescing to the fact that he wasn't going to make it.

The third incident was driving up MD Route 100 as we approached Snowden River Parkway.  I noticed a car making a u-turn up onto the on-ramp on the left, then swerve hard to the right and to the left to avoid hitting the on-coming cars.  Three crazies in one day!  It's like being in the Maryland General Assembly.

And that was my day of fishing and driving.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Kingsville Parade - Happy 4th of July

We all know that our Founding Fathers fought against England and King George so that we could have barbecues, parades, and fireworks.  Here's my annual recap of the Kingsville parade.

For those of you who just don't give a crap about this country or are too stupid to know any better, you rise and salute or clap the procession carrying the first flag.  The United States flag is to be held higher than the Maryland flag, but perhaps Maryland Governor O'Malley had something to say about this because the Maryland flag was definitely flying higher than Old Glory.  My mother-in-law pointed it out to me.  AND - I mentioned this last year.  You think they would learn.

You'll notice that this year's pictures have the parade features going to the right instead of to the left.  That's because I sat on the other side of the street.  Not by choice.  Squatters already had the entire parking lot line staked out with their soccer tents and folding chairs by 8:30am.  The parade isn't until 10:45.  Yes, I know that other parades are worse. But this is Kingsville, population 145.  We had to settle for a 3 foot slab of grass 2 inches from the road.

I think this is a first for the parade.....a 1961 Chevy Impala.  It was followed by a much less impressive 2013 Chevy Impala, which is easily confused with a Toyota Camry and a Buick LaCrosse.

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I LOVE fire trucks and assorted rescue apparatus.  New to the parade this year were a series of Rehab vehicles. This is the Baltimore County Central Alarmers Rehab Unit 154, which is a Ford F-350.  I have no idea what they do.

The F-350 was followed by this equally impressive Ford E-450 Rehab 153 cooling van.

Next in line was the Central Alarmers Rehab 155 cooking truck.  Who knew that a food truck could have lights and a siren?  Look out Taco Truck, here come the Central Alarmers!

Bringing up the rear is this old Grumman Rehab 155, which I think is also a food truck.  At least it had a picture of a coffee maker on the side.  This may have been a rehabbed snow ball truck.  Now that I think about it, the speaker was playing a rendition of Do Your Ears Hang Low.

I can't figure out where this fire truck resides.  It's a Seagrave hook and ladder, but it is identified as Brownville Fire Department, which I cannot locate in Maryland.  Anyone?  It's definitely older - late 80's/ early 90's.  Gosh - I'm calling the early 90's older.  It was 20 years ago, right?

New to the Joppa Magnolia Fire department is the Fort Hudson 2012 Pierce Arrow XT Engine 814.  They get to attend those crazy-ass accidents on I-95 where drunk drug-runners from New York drive 120 mph and swerve in and out of traffic until they eventually crash.  I know, I know.  That's pretty much every driver from New York, but work with me here.

Here's another one I cannot identify.  It is a Pierce Arrow truck, probably from the late 70's/early 80's. It looks a lot like the fire truck I remember the Rosedale VFD operating when I lived there in the late 70's / early 80's.  Hmmm.....  On the side it says Base Naval de Rota, which is a base in Spain fully funded by the United States.  So, this is an import?

No parade is complete without politicians pandering to the voters.  Again, no Governor Martin O'Malley.  I've never seen him at the Kingsville parade.  I guess he doesn't care about people in Eastern Baltimore County and Western Harford County.

State Delegate Kathy Szeliga never misses a parade.  She's looking good!

Rick Impallaria is always there.  This year he's wearing a USA hat so that you know he loves America! "God bless America.  And no one else!"  (he didn't say that)

State Senator J.B. Jennings loves the Kingsville parade.  And donuts and burgers.

And finally, Susan K. McComas is always at the Kingsville parade.  With her hat.  Remember last year when she wore this hat?  But she didn't wear it in 2011.

Okay, you talked me into it.  One more fire truck.  How about the Middleborough VFD 2004 Pierce Enforcer Engine 231?

What's your favorite parade?

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Papa Joe's In Westminster - A Review

I'm writing a restaurant review today. Why?  Because it's my blog and I can do anything that I want, that's why!

Papa Joe's 
27 East Main Street Rear 1
Westminster, MD 21157-5039
(410) 871-2505

Papa Joe's Authentic Mexican Restaurant is located on the backside of one of main blocks in downtown Westminster near the intersection of Main Street and Railroad Avenue, Route 27.  The first time I went there we walked around the block aimlessly trying to find it when I finally asked someone in the Chamber of Commerce building where it was.  The nice lady walked us through the building to the back alley right to the restaurant.  However, you can access it from the rear in in the parking lot.

There are about 6 tables outside and maybe 15 tables (maybe) inside, so the place is small.

Tonight was the third time we ate at Papa Joe's.  This was, unfortunately, one of the more memorable dining experiences there.  When we arrived the hostess informed us that there was a 25 minute wait.  Since it was the day before the 4th of July, American Independence Day, it felt like a Friday and I was sure that no matter where we went there would be a long wait.

We were seated right around 25 minutes and seated outside on the patio, which was great.  Let's enjoy the last rays of the summer sun.  It seems that it was one of the first evenings that it hasn't been raining in a while.

After scanning the menu and deciding what we wanted, we small-talked and waited for our server to come take our drink order.  Then we waited some more.  Then I watched one table clear and another couple get seated.  Then another.  Then another.  Then the first table got their drinks.  Then their order was taken.  Then the next table,  And then the next table.  I was really starting to get irritated.  I unsuccessfully kept trying to make eye contact with the various servers outside and even raised my hand a few times.  After nearly 15 minutes, my wife got up from the table and went to a server and demanded that we be served.  My wife doesn't assert herself that often, so when she does, you know it's bad.

A few minutes later a server finally came to our table and apologized for the delay, but said she just got assigned to our table and was not aware that we had been waiting so long.  Whatever.  She asked to take our drink order and we demandingly told her that we were ready to give her our dinner order.  She apologized vociferously.

A short time later another server came out with chips and a variety of salsas. Then the manager came to our table and apologized to us and said that there was a miscommunication on their part and our server honestly did not know she was assigned to our table.  As a sign of their goodwill, they offered us a complimentary plate of chicken & cheese nachos.  They were really good!

Our order finally came, again with some more apologies, but honestly at this point we've cooled off.  I ordered the Chilaquiles Verdes Con Pollo.  My wife ordered the taco salad in a tortilla bowl.  My oldest ordered the grilled chicken quesadilla, my son begrudgingly ordered the chicken tenders and fries as he says that place makes him want to puke (he's a bit of a dramatist), and my youngest ordered the children's cheese quesadilla.

Everyone in my family enjoyed their meals.  They were piping hot and a bit spicy, which is the way I like it.  This photo is of the Chilaquiles Verdes Con Pollo, which looked a lot like the chicken and cheese nachos with the verdes salsa that we got with our nachos.  Oh, well.  It was awesome.  I can't believe I ate half of it!  It was a ginormous portion.

Though the experience started off on a bad note, our server did a great job of tending to us and being very friendly.  We gave her the benefit of the doubt and were nice in return once we had placed our order.  The food there is really good.  I've also had the seafood burrito, which was amazing, and the enchilada platter, which is usually my go-to meal.

The meals range in prices from around $10 to less than $20.  Margarites are $8.  Our family of five with drinks paid $50.

If you're in Westminster, or if not and you're looking for some place different to try, go to Papa Joe's.  I think you'll like it.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy New Taxes Day!

Today, July 1st, is the first day of some new taxes in Maryland.  You know Martin O'Malley is so giddy with excitement that he is running around the Governor's mansion in his footy pajamas doing the happy dance today.

Every year brings more new taxes, fees, and tax increases in Maryland.  This year is no different.  The most well known is the new gas tax.  The gas tax will rise from 23.5 cents per gallon to 27 cents per gallon, an increase of nearly 15%.  And it gets better!  The gas tax will increase every year through at least 2016.  I think I heard that by 2016 a gallon of gas in Maryland will be $4 billion.

Of course, the gas tax increase will boost the revenue stream intended to replenish the Transportation Fund.  This, of course, is what Maryland politicians raid when they need more money to spend on pet projects.  The problem is that O'Malley nearly depleted the fund and now there is not enough money to buy buses or pretend to build new subway lines.  O'Malley has spent $868 Billion from the Transportation Fund in the past 7 years.  Once replenished, there will be plenty of money for Governor O'Malley or the future Governor Tony Brown to raid and spend on windmills in the ocean or checker Eastern Shore with state-owned solar panels.

In addition to the gas tax increase, O'Malley and his zombie cohorts in the Maryland General Assembly have raised the tolls on Maryland's bridges and tunnels, not to mention they starred in the new hit zombie television show (I think).  The two harbor tunnels increase their tolls by 33%, going from $3 to $4 per pass. The Susquehanna River bridges, both I-95 and Route 40, also increase 33% from $6 to $8, though O'Malley's fellow travelers only have to pay those tolls one way.  Finally, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, or more accurately, the William Preston Lane Memorial Bridge increases 33% from $4 to $6, and the Harry Nice bridge, which is Route 301 over the Potomac River in Southern Maryland, also increase 33% fro $4 to $6.

Another lesser known tax is that people seeking to rent motorcycles in Maryland will now pay a 11.5% tax, an increase of nearly 92%.

Welcome to Maryland!  What's in your wallet?
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