Sunday, September 09, 2012

Martin O'Malley and His Declining Reputation

I've been scouring the Internet for Martin O'Malley news since the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina last week.  Most of what I found is the same - he's a real dingle-hopper or, 'what the hell was that?'.

Martin O'Malley lost considerable credit with his rocko-bizzaro chanting and directionless speech.  He then followed it up with the biggest gaffe of his life, which he credited to video splicing.  He's spent the last few days searching the dark streets of main stream media looking for his reputation, which is nowhere to be found.

I found this article today from a blog called The Voice of Baltimore that was fairly funny, yet succinct.

I love this quote near the end of the article:

O’Malley simply talked fast, as if to squeeze in every word without running overtime. And of course he has yet to give the country — or even Maryland — a good reason for his candidacy, other than that it’s something he has always wanted to do. he has always wanted to do.

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