Friday, December 31, 2010

Coach Freidgen - You're Fired!

Congratulations University of Maryland football coach and winner of the A.C.C. Coach of the Year Award. You just won the inaugural Military Bowl. Guess what?!! You're fired!

Who's running the show down there in College Park? What happens in Prince George's County continues to surprise me, though it shouldn't. Whoever is making those wonderful decisions in PG County, you're qualified to work for the government!

Scott Sanzone Charged with DUI

I'll be catching up on a lot of stories. I like to point out politicians who get in trouble with the law. Since they write the laws, I never want them to think that they are above it. However, that doesn't always seem to be the case. There are plenty of politicians who have broken the law, but seem to have the right connections and plenty of money to get out of trouble (e.g. Kumar Barve).

In October, Sykesville Town Councilman Scott Sanzone was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. According to the Carroll County Times, Sanzone was arrested by a Maryland State Police officer near Jeroby and Village Roads in the town of Sykesville.

I hope that Councilman Sanzone doesn't morph into the likes of former Baltimore County Councilman Sam Moxley who has had at least two run-ins with the law over drinking and driving.

Dear Martin O'Malley....

Dear Martin O'Malley,

You thought you were rid of me, didn't you? You are not so lucky. To the contrary, while my misfortune has been to your benefit, you can consider your reprieve over.

To fill you in, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Keeping you honest has not been a priority of mine. However, you will be pleased to know that she responds well to treatment and is currently in remission, though her chemotherapy will continue for at least another 2 years and 4 months.

Maryland has some great hospitals and doctors, but I don't want you to take credit for that because you have nothing to do with that benefit. I have a great employer who has been very supportive during our challenging times, but I don't want you to take credit for that, either. You have nothing to do with employers supporting their employees in Maryland when in fact you seem to go out of your way to chase profit-seeking companies out of the state because they are greedy big businesses.

I must say that your defeat over former Governor Robert Ehrlich was a win-lose situation for me. I lose because you remain as Governor. I win because I can continue this blog to point out why you and many of your cronies do not deserve to be in office.

So, in summary, you can put your guard back up, start spinning the news, and release the rhetoric. Eludius is back, Buddy-Boy.
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