Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WBAL - No Awards for Writing

The writing at has always been atrocious.  They can read the news, but they can't write it.  And there's no way to contact them from the article to inform them of their errors.  So I'll blog about this one.

Steve Fermier wrote an article writing about the U.S. News and World Report ranking the colleges across the country.  He indicated that regional colleges in the north included Loyola of Maryland.  For the record, the college is named Loyola University Maryland from Loyola College in Maryland.  This is a change that occurred 4 years ago.  Ugh.

I had previously seen an article written by one of the newer journalists at WBAL, Phil Yacuboski.  I cannot remember the specific article, but it was riddled with errors.  It seemed as if he wrote one part of the article in the morning, edited in the afternoon, then submitted it in the evening, without ever reading through the article.  there were repeated words in a sentence, a stub sentence, and a change of thought mid-stream.  And this seems to be indicative of all of his work.

WBAL is a great source for news, but a terrible source for proper writing.

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Kent Allard said...

So, Yacuboski's writing was "all broked up" then?

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