Sunday, September 09, 2012

Total Discount Liquors Not Expanding - Booo!

When the Buffalo Wings & Beer restaurant closed in the Eldersburg Plaza earlier this year, many wondered what would replace it?  Another pool hall-type restaurant?  A sports bar?  Another nail salon?

 I recently heard a rumor that Total Discount Liquors, a former (and original? grocery store in Eldersburg) would expand into the space.  I took it to the source.  I asked one of the managers of TDL and she outright denied that TDL was expanding.  In fact, she said, by Carroll County law, they could not expand because their store was as large as a liquor store can be.

Therefore, something else will have to take the place of BWB.  Eldersburg Plaza has a lot of empty rent space, including the original Pure Fitness space, which slid down several spots to the vacated Tri-Star Martial Arts space, which moved to the former Hardee's building on Liberty Road.  Then Jams Music Store Closed.  I wouldn't be surprised if Arby's was next.  If it weren't for the weekend car washes, I don't think anyone would ever go there.  And while were on the topic, girls volleyball and girls cheerleading - lots of cars being washed.  Boys Science Club and Liberty Orchestra - no cars being washed.  You decide.

With Jams:

Without Jams:

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Kent Allard said...

JAMS actually just moved over to the lovely Carrolltowne Center. Which basically means yeah, they closed, in a sense. The flooring and carpet store moved out (and actually completely relocated out of Eldersburg) a few years ago as well. Looks like Eldersburg Plaza is trying to compete with Carrolltowne Center for the "Biggest Waste Of Commercial Space" in Eldersburg. I've also come to the conclusion that people in or exiting the plaza parking lot have the driving abilities of Stevie Wonder.

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