Monday, September 10, 2012

Most Ridiculous Concept of the Year

I got this from a friend.  And she said it best, "This is too funny not to share."  And I agree.  This is too funny not to share.  Read the comments about a new "BIC pen for women" product on this link.  Why, in this day and age, would someone decide it necessary to create a product as ubiquitous as a pen geared towards women?  I mean, there are pens that are feminine in nature, but not specifically stated to be for women.

So check it out.  Funny stuff!

12 Hilarious Reviews Of A Pen Just For Women



1 comment:

Kent Allard said...

Ha! #6 especially.

I heard Sandra Fluke expects a pack of these to be sent to her at Georgetown on the taxpayer dime. With all her unpaid speaking engagements she can't afford pens to write down her quips about the Republican's "war on women" and she certainly can't be expected to write with a Men Pen. Hehe.

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