Wednesday, September 05, 2012

O'Malley Keynote Speech is a Major Bust

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley was given an opportunity of a life time on Monday as one of the keynote speakers on the first night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He is considered by many party bosses to be the Democratic Presidential candidate for the 2016 election.  So this was his opportunity to make himself known to the nation as a backer of Obama and as a viable candidate of the future.  It was his moment to shine.

So did he shine?  Nope.  Were there talks of the alabasters and reviving the true American values of service and sacrifice?  Not a peep.  Since the fire truck already left the station and left him behind, this dog took a dump on the podium.  Instead of rallying the fans and laying out his party's platform and firing up the base, he got all goofy and animated smiling and waiving at people in section 525 in the upper deck, then proceeded to lead a call and response of "Move Forward!".  Instead of taking advantage of the 12 minutes that he OWNED on prime-time national television, he gave it away to immature chicanery.

Who is Martin O'Malley?  Oh, he's that goof-ball that took the stage for a while and made a complete donkey of himself.

This isn't only my impression.  I Googled O'Malley Convention Speech and got very little news.  He's mostly being ignored.  The few articles that I did see said the same thing:  "What was that all about?"  O'Malley was upstaged by First Lady Michelle Obama, who is not nearly as condescending and much more personable, Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who stayed on task, and even San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who focused on opportunity.

Martin O'Malley is getting to be so ubiquitous at this convention that he is starting to become a distraction.  I half expect him to start jamming with his band, get drunk, and then arrested for drunk and disorderly down in Dilworth just to get his name out there.  He's morphing into the Lindsay Lohan of politics.

But to his credit, Martin O'Malley did make it into the conversation of the national media on Tuesday night.  Too bad it was after the news.  He was spoofed by Jay Leno.  Check out the 2nd video at this link.  I think Leno lifted it from my previous blog post.  (Check out the 2nd paragraph from my blog post on Tuesday morning.)  Does Jay Leno read my blog???

So is Martin O'Malley the next savior of the party? Will he be the first real candidate for President from the state of Maryland?  (there have been none).   After this week, expect the Democrats to regroup and assign Martin O'Malley to some special projects to keep him quiet for the next few years.

If you're just learning about Martin O'Malley, welcome to our world in Maryland.


Matthew Sedgley said...

Leno is ACTUALLY well known to steal lines from other comics in LA. Had a friend who complained about this all the time. If you saw him at your show you just knew he was trowling for your best lines...

Kent Allard said...

Um...why was that Leno clip proceeded by an anti Romney/Ryan ad from Obama? Oh, that's right. Its NBC. Funny spoof. Something tells me that O'Malley's style too. Remember the guy a few years who emailed the Governor's office and said, figuratively, he's like strangle O'Malley? They raked the guy over the coals in court and pretty much ruined him.

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