Friday, September 07, 2012

VoteNoMalley Surpasses 90,000 Hits!

I checked my blog counter today and I passed the 90,000 mark.  That sounds awesome.  Until I realized that it's taken 6 years to get there.

That breaks down to:

  • 15,000 hits per year
  • 1,250 hits per month
  • 41 hits per day
Yes, VoteNoMalley is not the Huffington Post, nor is it Holy Bullies and Headless Montsers (you owe me, Alvin!).  But it's not too bad.  And I have to state that over the past year or so, my average hit count has been closer to 100 per day.  Therefore, my early work was probably only viewed by me and Google as they crawl the web looking for content.  But you should go back and read some of my posts from the early days. There's some good stuff there!

My blog posts have been the watchdog of O'Malley from his time as mayor of Baltimore, the city leading the nation in crime, to his challenge of Ehrlich I, Ehrlich II, his presidential aspirations, many, many, many blunders, gaffs, and shocking statements.  My first post was intended to sell the bumper stickers I made.  I think I sold 10.  Since O'Malley hasn't given us enough to talk about all the time, I started including posts about work and family, such as my daughter's diagnosis of leukemia, which came after a 2 month hiatus, to as much humor as I could conjure.

I briefly was a contributing writer to Red Maryland, though the writers there are more serious and studious than I'll ever be and I ended up not writing much, so I was quietly removed.  I wasn't offended.  It's a great blog and you should read that, too, but only after you read VoteNoMalley first.  I was recruited for another right-leaning blog, but I think I fell much to the left of their intended audience, so I politely declined.  I also write occasionally on a collaborative blog (EatCharmCity) with a couple of friends to review restaurants, though none of us have posted much lately.  We can't afford big ticket restaurants and who wants to read reviews of Don Pablo's?

So here's to another 6 years of blogging.  Hopefully I'll be cheering about my 100,000th blog hit soon.  And hopefully I'll be blogging about how the Democratic Party dropped O'Malley from any serious consideration for President.  Stay tuned.

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Kent Allard said...

Congrats! Only been reading for a year, greatly enjoy it though. Sometimes it gets me fired up, other times I get a good laugh (with you, not at you of course) Good stuff always.

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