Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NAACP's Doc Cheatham is a Racist

Typical of the NAACP, they cry RACISM at the drop of the hat, but in practice they are just as racist as the people and organizations that they criticize.

Doc Cheatham, President of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP, is no exception. In fact, Doc Cheatham could be the poster-child of RACISM. After hearing a radio program say that the rules of succession for Baltimore City Mayor are unclear, and with reasonably heightened fears that Sheila Dixon can be convicted of multiple charges, Doc Cheatham wants changes made. He wants to make sure that the Governor does not have the power to appoint someone to the Mayoral post.

Cheatham is not only a racist, but he is ignorant. He doesn't understand the laws of Baltimore and Maryland and didn't even bother to investigate what the rules of succession are for the mayor. But displaying typical behavior, he reacts with unbridled hysteria. Sort of like the old saying, "Shoot first, ask questions later."

I can't make this stuff up any better, so I'll just quote Doc "Racist" Cheatham. "Our concern is who would the governor appoint?" Cheatham said. "Here you have a predominantly African-American city. What if the governor appointed somebody white? ... Would he appoint someone Irish to be the mayor?" Cheatham also wants to close the possibility that a Republican Governor may appoint a Republican to Mayor of Baltimore in the future.

What if the mayor appointed someone who is white? Is that a catastrophe? Wasn't Martin O'Malley white? Wasn't Donald Shaefer white? And Irish? Seriously? You hate Irish people?

Using Doc "Racist" Cheatham's logic, I will make a suggestion to my elected officials in Carroll County to make sure the Governor doesn't appoint anyone to an elected office who is black and or a Democrat since Carroll County is mostly white and Republican.

Of course my suggestion is absurd and bigoted. The difference is I am kidding. Doc Cheatham' is serious and his suggestion is a reflection of racism and his own personal bigotry.

More ¡Hablo Español! in Carroll County

I got another Spanish email from Carroll County's Board of Education.

Dear Dr. Charles Ecker, as Superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools, why are you sending me emails written in Spanish? This isn't Anne Arundel County. What's the deal?

Here's the email:

H1N1 Nasal Vacuna contra la gripe formas están siendo enviados a casa con su niño(s) hoy. Si quiere que su hijo para recibir el aerosol nasal H1N1 vacuna contra la gripe de libre en la escuela, usted debe llenar y firmar estas dos formas y regresarlos a su hijo maestro no más tarde de Octubre 23 por 2:00 PM.
Los formularios se envían a casa:
- Escuela Formulario de consentimiento para 2009 H1N1 Gripe Vacuna Intranasal
- FERPA (Escuela forma autoriza el examen de esta vacuna formulario de consentimiento por padres voluntarios y enfermeras voluntarias)
Por Favor recuerde que formularios recibidos tras 2:00 PM en Octubre 23 no puede aceptarse.

Monday, October 12, 2009

¡Hablo Español!

Apparently Carroll County is attempting to be more diversified. They are now sending random emails in Spanish. I received this one the other day:

Almuerzo escolar y desayuno menús pueden encontrarse en la Carrolltowne Elemental Sitio.
Copiar y pegar el enlace de arriba en su barra de direcciones para ver menús.

Obviously it is the email notifying parents of the lunch menu for the week. But since I don't speak Spanish (I speak American), I have no idea what it says.

Was this a bad joke coming from Westminster?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize - What's Next?

Obama, who had been in office for almost 12 days when the nominations were made for the Nobel Peace Prize, received the news that he has won the coveted prize this year. He received the award for his efforts in hope and promise. Hope and change.

This year's award opens the door for absolute mockery of the Nobel Foundation. And the United States Postmaster General John E. Potter confirmed that the Nobel Foundation mailed in their Integrity Card.

Obviously the foundation has lowered its standards for dolling out the award. I predict that next year's nominations will consist of Kim Jong-Il, Robert Mugabe, and Omar Al-Bashir.

The world's love affair with Obama has not receded despite Saturday Night Live's factual mockery of him last week. In addition to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the NHL has announced that Obama is this year's recipient of the Lady Byng Trophy despite being only 2 weeks into the season.

Not to be outdone other organizations are jumping on the bandwagon. Obama will be inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame next month, he is now the leader of the Superfriend's Hall of Justice, he will be on the front of the Wheaties cereal box, was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, and rumors are swirling that he will replace Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View. Furthermore, Obama is the leading candidate for this year's Heisman Trophy. When will this madness end?

As my Guinness-swirling liberal friend who masquerades as a Republican said, "You can't stop Obama - you can only hope to contain him!"

Friday, October 02, 2009

David Letterman - Open Wide

What the heck is up with David Letterman lately?

As I posted in Facebook today - David Letterman can't seem to keep his foot out of his mouth or his dick in his pants.

If you aren't already aware, the formerly funny Late Show host made a comment about Alex Rodriguez having sex with Sarah Palin's daughter when they attended a recent Yankees game. Letterman had been (and continues to) show his liberal colors by bashing everyone in the Republican Party. In the Palin incident, he wasn't aware that it was the 14 year old daughter of Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin attending the Yankees game with her mother, but nonetheless, he made a Jackass comment regardless of which daughter he thought he was bashing. Don't go after a politician's children. Do you think anyone could get away with the same pedophilic comments about Sasha and Malia Obama? I think not.

Then this week the married Letterman admits on his show that he's been having sex with employees of the show - presumably women. The admission came on the heals of an extortion attempt by one of the producers from the TV investigative show 48 Hours. The alleged extortionist, Robert J. Halderman, had demanded $2 million for his silence.

Letterman is a friend of unimaginable situations. He was stalked by a woman who eventually killed herself, and at age 83, Letterman and his girlfriend had a baby. If I am not mistaken, Letterman is the oldest late night talk show host to have a child born to an unwed mother.

And to think - I used to believe that he was funny.
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