Monday, September 03, 2012

O'Malley: We're Not Better Than We Were Four Years Ago

Every politician since 1980 has been using this phrase to make themselves look like the hero of the day.  Ronald Reagan successfully used it against Jimmy Carter and crushed him in the election.  Now, thanks to its overuse, the term has become a trite cliché .

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley appeared on CBS's Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer on Sunday to cast his weekly blame on Republicans for all of the problems in the United States and take his turn in the overuse of this cliché.

O'Malley said the county is in no better position, without a doubt, than four years ago because of job losses and deficits from the Bush Administration.

I find this statement amusing on several points.  First, for two years the Democrats controlled the White House, the House of Representatives, AND the U.S. Senate and could have done anything they wanted to fix the economic problems of this country without any impact from Republicans.  Republicans lacked the votes to do anything about it.  Instead the Democrats used this time to institute more big-government programs that will cost tax-payers billions of dollars that will be funded by several future generations.  They increased the limit of money that the government could borrow to $16.4 TRILLION.  And they created a federal stimulus package of $831 BILLION on special government pet projects for the Congressmen and Senators' districts.  And the economy didn't get any better.

Secondly, while the Republicans regained control of the House by a narrow margin in the 2010 election, the Democrats still maintain control of the White House and the U.S. Senate.  They have a two-thirds majority of the three governing bodies of this country and they are blaming the Republicans for the country's problems???

That's like blaming the NRA for each of the 300 murders in Baltimore every year.  Take responsibility for the results of your administration!  I'm not saying that George W. Bush did not leave you a mess, but you promised to fix it and instead have done everything BUT fix the economy and continue to blame Bush for your lack of efforts to fix the problems.

I foresee this country 30 years from now and we'll still be blaming Bush for the country's problems.  I think in retaliation, the Republicans should blame unemployment on John F. Kennedy, our favorite womanizing drug-addicted president of all time.

Fortunately, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was quick to jump on O'Malley's obvious gaff by saying that even failed Maryland Governor O'Malley admits that President Obama's efforts to fix our economy have failed.

Martin O'Malley - thank you for providing material to keep this blog going.  Your gaffs are wonderful!

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