Tuesday, September 04, 2012

O'Malley Flip-Flops on 'Four Years Ago' Comment

As you'll recall, this weekend Martin O'Malley unintentionally and shockingly criticized the Obama administration when he said that Americans (from the United States) are NOT better off than they were four years ago.  This comment made the entire blogsphere do a Tim Allen impression ('aRRRughhh???'). Eyebrows were raised from Pennsylvania Avenue to Tryon Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I can hear Michelle and Barack yelling at the television in the White House, "What the heck does that Paddy mean by that?"

Never fear.  After a solid beat-down from the machine, Martin O'Malley did his 1-2 impression of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and made his most notable flip-flop to date.

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley was on CNN with Soledad O'Brien last night and she grilled him about how he could criticize CNN's candidate for President.  Martin O'Malley then back-tracked, reached into his wallet, and pulled out his 'Say this when you have nothing else better to say card' and said what he really meant was that we 'are moving forward'.

This embarrassing gaff by one of the rising stars of the Democratic party will certainly hit the fan this week.  O'Malley tried to cover his poop trail by blaming George Bush for all of the country's problems in every other sentence, doing his best to redirect the attention away from his blushing face and back at the Republicans.

It'll be interesting to see if O'Malley continues to be President Obama's surrogate, or if the White House will reconsider and find another member of the party that is more competent under pressure.  Martin O'Malley is proving to be an embarrassment to the Administration.  Does the Queen City and the DNC have the stomach for more of his nonsense?  ARRRughhh??

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Kent Allard said...

If it weren't for your blog and printed news I wouldn't be able to stay up on what this despicable lefty creep gets up to anymore.

Seriously, I can't even bear to see or hear (let alone both at the same time) O'Malley. If they play an audio clip of him on the radio, or worse...a television clip, I can't get the channel changed quick enough. Its like that Seinfeld episode where Mary Hart's voice sends Kramer into seizures. O'Malley's beady-eyed face and smarmy voice literally make me go "Arrrrrgggghhhh!" and fly into obscenity laced tirades. Its not fun, or becoming. So I have to avoid seeing or hearing him. Its like having Voldemort for a governor.

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