Friday, September 14, 2012

P.G. County Needs Cameras to Watch the Speed Cameras

In light of the recent vandalism against speed cameras throughout the state, Prince George's County announced that they will be installing cameras to watch the speed cameras. Their hope is that the new cameras will be able to catch the culprits who are causing all the mischief and costing the tax payers, or in Prince George's County, the tax-recipients, lots of money to repair the cameras.

This leads to an obvious question - how are they going to protect the cameras watching the speed cameras? Surely they will become targets of vandalism themselves.  Fortunately, the solution is simple.  Prince George's County can install new cameras to keep an eye on the cameras watching the cameras.  And not to outdo themselves, they might as well install cameras to watch those cameras, as well.  It's an endless cycle.  But logic dictates that the more cameras they have watching the other cameras, the less likely the other cameras will get vandalized.  I fully expect Prince George's County to request a formal name change to Oceania.

Prince George's County - paving the way of inefficiency in Maryland!

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Kent Allard said...

One more reason (out of hundreds) to just avoid PG county. Montgomery County is quickly following in PG's footsteps too. The decline of MD, county by county....

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