Friday, December 07, 2012

Carrolltown Liquors Expanding?

The Epic Pharmacy in Carroll Station closed a month or two ago.  It didn't take long for the sign to come down and the Carrolltown Liquors advertisements to get plastered all over the windows.

I stopped in today to ask if they were thinking about expanding into that space.  And to buy some Amaretto.   I was told that they are "thinking" about expanding. I'm sure the owner of Carroll Station, M&I Properties, LLC, is eager to rent the space as they now have 2 units that are not collecting rent.  Remember the Athletic House?  That's been empty for almost 2 years.  And I bet the owner of Carrolltown Liquors is aware of this and is using the owner's unfortunate situation as a bargaining chip.  Why not use it to their advantage?


Scott M said...

First off Eluduis I am the owner of Carroll Station and you claim your facts are truth??!! (A) Walgreen's bought out Epic Pharmacy.(B)They did not go out of business. (C) The former pharmacy space is neither vacant, nor are we not collecting rent. (D) The only fact you got right was the "Athletic House" being empty for 1.5 years. He did not go out of business.. We threw him out for lack of paying rent & violation of the lease... and FYI we have had many takers for this space but we have turned them down as we do not want a repeat of Athletic House. We are in active discussions with a long term user right now. So do everyone in 21784 a favor Eluduis... dispense with the hype and research your opinions before spouting them off as fact!
Scott Miller M&I Properties LLC

Chris said...

Isn't being bought going out of business? Doesn't matter why. But aren't all blogs opinions. Did Eluduis say it was fact??

Scott M said...

I've nothing but contempt for blogs, rarely participate, but if and when I do I always identify myself. Blogs allow those who've not the courage of their convictions to hide behind the skirts of anonymity. Blogs are opinions except when you invoke in your opening that... "Most of the facts are correct"... There is an old saying about opinions that ends with.... everyone has one and they all stink.

Eludius said...

Scott, thank you so much for participating in this discussion and clarifying some of my misconceptions.

I reread my blog post and I think I wrote it vague enough so that no one takes it as fact and I stated everything else as my opinion. I'm sorry my opinion does not fit your desire for me to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My intent with this post and many others is to share rumors and whispers that I hear. People like to read this.

I look forward to learning of your new tenants and plan to write about them as soon as I learn who they are. No malice, just information.

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