Friday, December 28, 2012

Closed in Eldersburg - Plazuelas

My favorite Mexican restaurant in Eldersburg, which also happens to be the only Mexican restaurant in Eldersburg (no, Taco Bell does not count as a Mexican restaurant), has closed.

We saw a For Lease (Navidad) sign outside, so I pulled into the empty parking lot and read the note taped to the window.  Plazuelas is relocating to Westminster.  Say it isn't so!!!

So now we have another empty restaurant in Eldersburg.  I hope Obama's recession ends soon so the economy can start getting better.


Kent Allard said...

Maybe another Chinese restaurant that also does half-assed Thai and Sushi too will move in. We certainly don't have enough of those around Eldersburg.

Eludius said...

That's right, it was a Chinese buffet prior to Plazuela's. Wasn't it called China Buffet? I remember a sign that said, "Come soon."

Charles Bushong said...

They closed because the owner was jacking up the rent on them. They're supposedly moving to westminster soon.

Steve B said...

Obama's recession? Hardly. And just exactly what on earth does that have to do with Plazuelas moving to Westminster?

Eludius said...

Oh, Steve B. How long will it be Bush's recession? For perpetuity? I once bought a used car and it had a problem. Was it the previous owner's problem or my problem? At some point Obama has to own this thing.

As far as your second point, all of the ills of Maryland are either O'Malley or Obama's fault. It's well documented. :-)

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