Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kevin Kamenetz - Fix This Road!

Anyone who travels from Southern Carroll County to Owings Mills everyday knows that the intersection of Lyons Mill Road and Deer Park Road is one of the worst intersections in the county.  I don't mean that it is dangerous.  I mean that the road surface is terribly.....wrinkled?  I don't even know what the correct term is.

If you've ever driven over it, you'll agree that it is like driving over several long mounds.  Is this road even paved?  My SUV tumbles over it like a row of logs.  The problem is most pronounced in the eastbound direction.

To avoid this terrible surface, cars have started driving around it like this:

What caused this damage?  Since the Ravens' facility is to the left down Deer Park Road, I suspect the road was damaged when the defense returned to the facility while dragging its knuckles.  Whatever the reason, Kevin, YOU need to fix this road!!!

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