Monday, December 31, 2012

Coming to Eldersburg - Another CVS

Word from the Mayor of Eldersburg is that CVS is negotiating (or already has negotiated) to build a stand-alone store at the corner of Barthalow Road and Route 32.  This plot of land has been in a state of stasis, so to speak, for many years - at least 13 1/2 as that's how long I've lived here.  Word was that Chick-Fil-A was going to occupy this spot, but I got clarification that this is a multi-unit plot, with CVS occupying the southern plot and Chick-Fil-A in the northern plot closer to the funeral home.

Additionally, there were will be limited access to the site, as it's already a very congested corner.  If I heard correctly, there will be a right-in/right-out on Route 32.  Not sure how the entrance will look on Barthalow.  I would imagine that this entrance would also have to be a right-in/right-out.  How would you go north out of the site without driving up to Johnsville Road and circling back? (other than making a U-turn on Caren Drive or in the Liberty High School parking lot?

What does this mean for the CVS in the Eldersburg Plaza?  I think this spells doom.  Additionally, I think Eldersburg Plaza is suffering from ForLease-itus.  Too many empty units or not units that are not ideally occupied.  Additionally, with a new stand-along CVS, we can almost see the stand-alone Wal-Green's not 800 feet away.  Are we to now expect a stand-alone Rite-Aid?

And note the sign in the window that shows milk at $3.99 per gallon.  If the pundits are correct, then this time next year milk will be about $8 per gallon.

Here's the intersection of Barthalow and Route 32 as it is now.

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brandon westervelt said...

I almost guarantee the interior will be as drab and boring as every other cvs in existence. Cvs will never be as good as walgreens in my opinion its just too outdated then again its not as bad as rite aid so its got something going for it i guess.

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