Friday, December 21, 2012

What is Purpose of Liberty Road Expansion at Ward's Chapel?

Part 3 of my trilogy on road issues impacting my commute to work is the widening of Liberty Road prior to and past Ward's Chapel Road.

If you've been this way, the actual road work didn't take that long.  However, the barrels preventing commuters from using the new lane have been blocking this new section for a couple of months now.  Aside from our inability to use this new section of road, what purpose does it serve?

The road widens from one lane to 2 lanes in the eastbound direction about 100 yards from the light at Ward's Chapel Road.  It passes Ward's Chapel United Methodist Church then Powell's Run Road, then merges back into one lane again.  The entire section of widened road cannot be more than a quarter mile long.  This will do nothing to enhance the commute.  In fact, the only change will be increased road rage as jackasses will try to pass slower cars in the right lane only to jockey for position back in front of them.  You know how this turns out.  The slow car then speeds up and the passing car is no longer able to merge.  Then there is honking and cussing, a little bit of fist shaking and a few middle fingers, and eventually someone runs off of the road or goes over an embankment.  Happens every time.

Additionally, this widening only benefits cars going east. The westbound section of Liberty Road is still a single lane from Randallstown to Eldersburg.

In conclusion, I would appreciate someone from Maryland State Highway commenting on this post to inform us of the reason that this section of roadway was widened.  Melinda Peters, is this you?

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