Tuesday, December 04, 2012

VoteNoMalley Passes 100,000 Hits!!!

In less than three months my blog hits clocked more than 10,000 hits to reach that seemingly impenetrable 100,000 mark.  Hootie-hoo!

I must be writing better articles.  Better posts.  More infuriating and controversial posts.  Everyone knows that if you throw enough shit at a wall, something will stick, and this strategy seems to be working.  Plus I've been cross-posting on my Twitter page, which, surprisingly, is @votenomalley.  Follow me on Twitter, as they say.

Maybe I'll pass the next 10,000 mark in less than 3 months.  But I suspect that means I need to post more often, which is difficult to do.  I don't really have THAT much to say.

But yay, me.

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