Friday, December 07, 2012

Eldersburg Vagabond - Liberty Tax

Seemingly always on the run, Liberty Tax Services of Eldersburg has moved from Country Village Shopping Center, formerly next to Mo's in the old Liberty Cycle store, to Peddler's Square in the former Verizon store.

This new store front does not seem to be a permanent location as the signs appear to be as temporary as a Kansas Chiefs winning streak.

But if you're a tax accountant and looking for a job, they are hiring!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the new location at 2030 Liberty Rd is unaffiliated with the location formerly at 1912 Liberty Rd. That office closed down abruptly several years ago, was owned by a different person, and has not re-opened. The new office is open for business, however the lighted signage is not yet in place. It is semi-permanent, being that it is a seasonal tax prep office, although the owner is considering remaining open throughout the year to provide tax prep training services. Stop in and say hello, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and we have several promotions to help you save money on tax prep through this confusing tax season!

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