Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Black Oak Major Announcement - New Anchor Tenant at Carrolltown Mall!

We've been waiting months for Black Oak Associates to make their major announcement about the fate of the dilapidated Carrolltown Center Mall.  In August, Black Oak Associates announced that it would be making an official announcement within 60 days.  In Black Oak time, that's 7-10 years.

But wait no more!  A new major anchor tenant has moved in.  The former Peebles is now occupied by a nondescript unnamed retailer of video games, pinballs, jukeboxes, pool tables, air hockey, and more!!!

The store hours are Friday and Saturday 10-8pm and Sunday 11-6.  With such short hours, your time is limited.  Don't wait.  Act now.  Supplies are limited.


guest said...

That's the same phone number used by Ed's Laundromat at 6305 Sykesville Rd.

Alex zender said...

I am so glad to see this post.

retail tenants
Commercial tenants

brandon westervelt said...

... lets face it the owners of black oak just like to piss us off and laugh about it

thomas peter said...

I was reminiscing the Hog Farm that used to take place there. I worked many an event just to get in for free.trees for sale

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