Monday, December 31, 2012

Treasure in the Basement?

While going through boxes of stuff that I have no reason to keep, I found this dish that caught my eye.  I have seen it many many times, but never really studied it.  So this time when I was serious about getting rid of stuff, I looked at this with a more discerning eye.

This bowl has markings on the bottom indicating Buttercup, then in the triangle Avalon, BALT, which I assume to mean Baltimore since that's where our families have lived for more than 60 years (my family has been here since the late 1890's or early 1900's, my wife's family came here later from Virginia).  The last marking is somewhat indecipherable.  It looks like F_ _ ENCE, the two letters in the middle being impossible to read.  Then there are two red letter markings on it, but I have no idea what that means.  Anyone out there in the blog world have any idea?  Is this bowl worth anything?  You can click on the pictures to see a larger view of them.

There is a small chip near the raised red floral design.


Kent Allard said...

Don't hold me to it, but that could possibly be quite old. It could be as old as 1880's to early 1900's. Faience, the word on the right side of the triangle refers to the type glazed earthenware pottery it is. Buttercup refers to the pattern. It was made in Baltimore at Chesapeake Pottery which was on Nicholson St in Locust Point. The symbols in the center of the triangle are actually letters that say "DFH & Co." or David F. Haynes & Company. Haynes owned Chesapeake Pottery. Prices for that maker are all over the place, the most sought after seem to be wash basins and pitcher sets. You might want to have someone who deals antique glassware and pottery have a look at it. Someone at the Taylor's Antique Mall in Ellicott City could probably tell you more about it and its value.

Practical Kenosis said...

I have the same dish but mine does not have the "butter dish" stamp on in. It does have a green 58 written on it. I don't seem to find much about this particular stamp. All the stamps I can find on professional collector sites have a different shape the dfh & co part. Would love to more if you discovered any value. Mine has no blemishes on it, thankfully, but I suppose that doesn't mean it has any value.

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