Monday, December 31, 2012

Trash Or Treasure?

As I have been off of work since mid-December, I decided to thin out our household inventory.  My theory is that you should rid yourself of items as quick as you acquire them.  And since we just acquired a couple of container trucks full of new items at Christmas, we need to get rid of as much.

While going through some boxes that we haven't opened since the Clinton administration, I found this neat little treasure.  I gave this to my grandfather when I was about 14 years old.  His favorite animal was the penguin.  I had previously given him a stuffed penguin, though I don't know where that is.  When my grandfather died in 1990, my grandmother wanted me to have this.  Though she also wanted me to have his boxer shorts.  I promptly stuck it in a box and somehow it ended up in my house when I moved here.

I stuck a new D battery (can you believe this thing requires a D battery???) and it works!  It's missing a green flag, but otherwise is in good condition.  So now my dilemma - do I keep this because of the fond memories of my grandfather, or do I do my best not to become a hoarder and donate it to Goodwill?  I did look it up on eBay and there are like items selling from 99 cents to $45.

In other news, I did take 2 car loads of items to Goodwill.  Mostly clothes, but some baby toys.  Don't think we'll need anymore baby toys.  Or 2 year old boy corduroy overalls.

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