Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Way to Make Money for Carroll County

This actually applies to both Baltimore County and Carroll County. There are easy ways for law enforcement to fills the coffers of the county and state. How many of you frequently drive from Eldersburg to Baltimore via Liberty Road? If you do, do you watch the oncoming traffic? I do.

Having been the victim of a head-on collision on Liberty Road, I am very conscious of the oncoming cars and what they are doing. I have noticed for a while that there are some absolute nuts on the road in the morning. The traffic coming from Baltimore towards Eldersburg drive without abandon. They drive way too fast. But this is not press-stopping news, I know. What I see nearly every day is worse.

If you are not driving fast enough for the crack-head behind you, you will be passed. Not across the dotted yellow line nor the double yellow line, but......on the shoulder! I cannot believe how often I see this! I see it coming down the hill from Liberty Christian toward the North Patuxant Bridge over Liberty Reservoir. This is in Baltimore County, and I can understand why Baltimore County Police do not monitor this area. They are too busy with the violent crime in the rest of the county.

The second place where I see the shoulder passers is when they are coming up the hill from the bridge toward Oakland Mill Road. This is the Carroll County part of the road. Are these people insane?!!!!

And the best part is when the Carroll County Sheriff's Department or the Maryland State Police decide to do radar in the morning, it's always in one of two spots - that road just prior to that old farmhouse prior to the Snowden Bridge going eastbound and in front of the Lake View Memorial Park cemetery. Are they catching the shoulder passers at these locations? Nope.

So if you're in local law enforcement, check it out. It'll be easy money for the county or state.

And one other quick note about easy money for the state or county - stop in Eldersburg Plaza in the evenings and put tickets on the 10 or so cars parked in the fire lane in front of Total Discount Liquors and Cobblestone Tavern. Come back every 30 minutes and get a whole new slew of fire lane abusers. This drives me nuts!


Kent Allard said...

Don't forget about the little gang of lying, bogus ticket writing, glorified ass-clown security guards known as the Sykesville Town Police. Go have a look at the traffic court docket at CC Circuit Court on any random day. Chances are strong that Sykesville Town Police will have WAY more tickets on there than CC Sheriffs, City Of Westminster, or State Troopers. Check it out sometime.

Eludius said...

I believe it. My son plays baseball over by Fairhaven and if you're going 26 mph they will pull you over.

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