Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Know What Bugs Me?

Today's post is just a general rant. Yes, I know. Most of my posts are rants. But usually they are specific about a topic. Today is the potpourri of rants. You know what bugs me? These things bug me:

Why do some guys think that they don't have to wash their hands after using the bathroom? I see some of them doing the Peter Pan-style where they put their hands on their hips rather than holding on. Sure, you may not have gotten any on you, but make a good show for everyone else. When I leave the restroom, I tell EVERYONE that you don't wash your hands. How's that for a reputation?

'Have a goo' one'. When did Americans stop saying, "Have a nice day"? And when someone tells me to 'have a goo' one', I always reply, "Thank you! And you have a nice day!"

Why do people walk the halls at work with their heads down? Can't anyone walk with their heads up and make eye contact with passers-by? Don't be a social ogre.

Reality TV shows. I never got into them when that terrible fad started about 10 years ago. Now the shows highlight and celebrate the destructive forces of our society. 16 and Pregnant? Teen Mom? Why are we celebrating these people? Dance Moms? Every one of these people ought to be in jail for child abuse.

Slow drivers during rush hour. I swear that if I become all supreme ruler of the world you will need to qualify to drive during rush hour. When you see 2 miles of cars going 24 mph because of someone at the front of the line is terrified to go 55 mph, this person should be in jail with the dance moms.

Local news. I love the snow. We live in Maryland. And it's winter. Should we be pissed that there's snow? It's not even that much! And when the ding-dong young female report says, "We got a winter blast from mother nature!" and when in reality there were some flurries and it only accumulated on the grassy areas, she ought to be in jail with the dance moms. If you don't like "wintry blasts" then move to Florida with all the other New Yorkers.

The Carroll County Public Schools' Alert System. I don't need to be woken up at 5:45 am to know that schools are late. I have a television. And you don't need to call me on Saturdays to tell me basketball activities at schools are cancelled. You're abusing the technology. Stop it! Or I'll demand that you be thrown in jail with the dance moms.

People that don't say 'thank you'. If I hold the door for you as you're going into Wal-Mart and you don't say 'thank you', you better believe I'll turn around and holler back, "You're welcome!!!"

People in the service industry that don't say, "Can I help you?" Several times I've stood there looking eye-to-eye with the person until they acknowledge me.

People that tell me that I'm wrong when I know that I'm right. I once went into the LabCorp in Eldersburg to have blood drawn. The lady asked if I had ever been there before. I said yes. She said that she didn't see me name in the system, so I must not have ever been there before. Yes, I have been here before. Several times. No you haven't! I was here in 2010. Oh, our records only go back one year. Then don't F**-in tell me that I've never been there if your stupid records only go back one year.

People speeding through my neighborhood. I don't care if you're going to speed on the main roads. But don't speed through my neighborhood. There are kids everywhere. And the streets are narrow. There's this one high school chick in my neighborhood who drives no less than 45 mph. I've seen her make sharp swerves around parked cars with oncoming cars stopping so she could zoom by. I once saw her coming toward me going really fast, so I drifted to the middle of the road. I was going about 20 mpg. She slammed on the breaks then I casually drifted back over and waived to her with a big sheepish smile on my face.

The new store brand food at Martin's. This stuff tastes like crap! I used to always buy the store brand products as longs as they tasted okay. For the most part they did. Then Martin's started using the same store-brand products that are used at Giant (they are both owned by Royal Ahold). Now the yogurt tastes like processed plastic. The cereals taste like aluminum. Blah! Is it just me?

When did the word "absolutely" come to mean yes? Can you do this? Absolutely. Don't you mean yes?

People that don't know the meaning of the word Quality. This is a quality product! Yeah, so is the Yugo. Quality does not mean good. It's a measurement. Items can have low quality. Items can have high quality. So if you're selling something and you say it's a quality product or service, I'm going to assume you mean "low quality" since you're using the word incorrectly.

And you want to know the number one thing that bugs me? People that complain about everything!!! oh, wait......

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Kent Allard said...

I thought Andy Rooney died back in November.

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