Monday, February 27, 2012

Owings Mills Toys R Us - Never a Dull Moment

I was going to blog about the NBA All-Star game and the Academy Awards, but then I remembered that I don't care about either one of them. Hopefully you don't either.

However, something I do care about is good customer service. My son had some birthday money that was burning a hole in his pocket and he wanted to spend it on Star Wars Legos. He asked if we could go to Toys 'R Us. Sure, why not?

We went to the Toys 'R Us in Owings Mills on Saturday afternoon. They were having a Star Wars toys sale. If you purchased $25 in Star Wars Legos (I think), then you got a free $5 Lego Fighter Pod set that is worth 14¢. We perused the Lego aisle for a while before he finally decided on the Y-Wing Fighter, which I thought was a good choice.

We lined up to pay at the cash register. Finally it was our turn. Silence. Hello? Are you there? Am I here? She just started swiping the items and told us the price. I said, "Hi there!". She looked at me.

My son then paid, but he seemed befuddled and was $5 short. We gave her the appropriate amount of money then she handed us the bag. Nothing. "Thank you and have a nice day!", I say in my most pleasant voice. "thanks...", I hear as we're walking away. As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!"

Once out of the store my son stopped me and said the price wasn't right. We looked at the receipt and they charged us for the free 14¢ Legos that cost $5. We promptly walked back in the store and got in line at the customer service desk.

While standing there waiting I noticed a man walk in with a soda in a cup with a lid while talking on the cellphone (he was talking on the cellphone, not the soda). I had one of those premonitions and I knew he would drop the soda. Sploosh. Down it went all over the floor. One of the ladies at the customer service desk looked over at him, then down at the floor, then went back about her business. Are you kidding me?!!! The guy then asked for some paper towels. Without getting them for him, she said, "There are some under the counter here." He went and got the paper towels (still talking on the phone) and began wiping up the mess. Uhhh....clean up at the customer service desk maybe???

It did fall on one of those mats that you wipe (supposed to wipe) your feet on. He finally got off of the phone and kept dabbing at the soda. Finally he finished and walked away. I looked at the floor and ALL of the ice was still on the floor. What the heck? I looked around. I was certain John QuiƱones would walk around the corner and ask why I didn't say anything.

We were next and told them of the problem with the charge, she corrected it and we went about our way. She did, however, apologize and tell us to have a nice day. Thank goodness not everyone was rude.

If you were in that situation, What would you do?

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