Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will the Real Jack O'Malley Please Stand Up?

One of my friends forwarded this to me. It was posted on the Washington Gazette. Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley likes to pretend he's really important. He goes on the Sunday talk shows and talks about how he's destroying the middle class, pushing for unstainable energy, and redrawing political maps across the state to disenfranchise 35% of the population. He's even the head of the Democratic Governor's Association.

All of this doesn't matter. President Obama still has no clue as to who Martin O'Malley is. Check out this video. Both Obama and O'Malley come out of this looking like fools.

1 comment:

Kent Allard said...

And then they both jumped into a little circus clown car with vanity plates that said "DNC DUNCE" and drove full speed towards a cliff... Oh darn, I was just dreaming.

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