Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baseball Training at TZ Sports

For the past two weekends I have spent my Saturdays at TZ Sports (located in the archaic Carrolltown Mall in Eldersburg) getting instruction on how to be a better baseball coach. Providing the coaching were former professional baseball players Brian Bent and Paul Winterling of PBT, Professional Baseball Training.

There were two 3 hour sessions of lecturing and demonstrations with some interaction and practice instruction on our own. As expected, these guys really know a lot about baseball and helped us to understand some of the finer techniques. Additionally, they provided a lot of anecdotal evidence to support their teachings and they told a few interesting and sometimes humorous stories of their adventures in professional baseball. They broke down what you should be teaching the kids at different levels. As an example, a 5 year old is not going to understand supination and pronation, but you could instruct a 10 year old with success.

I would highly recommend these guys. They offer private training in addition to group training. Of course this comes with a price, but if I was rich, I'd hire them!

On an unrelated topic, I ran into some people that looked like urban explorers. They were investigating the buildings and wondering if they were formerly rural prisons. I told them that I thought the buildings were formerly retail establishments, but the residents in the area felt like prisoners to Carrolltown Center.

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