Friday, February 03, 2012

Martin O'Malley Hates People Who Use Gas

Actually, that's not a fair statement. It would be more appropriate to say that Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley LOVES people who use gas. He loves them so much that he thinks they would be a good source of new tax revenue to replenish the State Transportation fund that he raided in order to balance the budget.

You cannot entirely lay the blame on Martin O'Malley for not-so-clandestinely moving money out of the transportation fund to fill his budget of massive increased spending. Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich did the same thing. I'm sure Glendening, Schaefer, Hughes, Mandel, and Agnew all did it, as well.

After being rebuked on his proposal to increase the state sales tax again, this time by nearly 17%, Martin "Ain't A Tax I Don't Like" O'Malley decided he had to find other places to generate revenue to cover his spending increases. What better place to get it than the hard working middle class families of Maryland?

There are now proposals from the media and the blogsphere that if O'Malley is going to apply the state sales tax to gasoline, then the monies generated should be allocated to the Maryland State Transportation fund and should be inaccessible by any future Governor for any use other than transportation projects. Too often the money is used to fill the gaps in other areas. Transportation money should not be spent on funding abortion clinics. Transportation money should not be spent on building stadiums. Transportation money should not be spent on wind farm projects. Transportation money should not be spent on providing services to any Governor's girlfriend who is half his age.

Will the Maryland legislature and the Governor add this common-sense provision, a provision that would overwhelmingly be supported by the vast majority of tax payers of Maryland? Sadly, you know in your heart this will not happen. O'Malley will claim that the state needs to maintain flexibility in tough years to help balance the budget, invest in our future, and keep Maryland moving forward. You know the hollow rhetoric.

Unfortunately, the people that put him in office use gas and will be punished by his spending addiction.

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Kent Allard said...

Here's the Liberal formula Owe'Malley is applying: Higher gas prices = higher cost of everything else, especially groceries/food which in turn leads to more people turning to "assistance" from the government. Its very simple "Vote Democrat, we GIVE you things." It keeps them in office, it keeps their pockets lined, and in turn it breeds more government dependence. And we all (well the smart amongst us) know what more government dependence means.

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