Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now Open in Eldersburg: JACT Sports

They've been open a while now, but I have really noticed an increase in the number of cars in the parking lot of JACT Sports. This to me is a sign of success. The facility is located in the former London Fog building which closed in the early 2000's. Part of the building is now occupied by GSE Systems.

I have no idea what JACT means. I'm sure it's an abbreviation for something or someone. I haven't been there yet, but a good friend tells me that it is just like Carroll Indoor Sports in Westminster, but a lot closer to home. My wife investigated it and she said the prices are a little higher than at Carroll Indoor.

I also heard that several sports teams are using the place for practices. These include baseball
teams and lacrosse teams. I really should check it out so that I could provide more details. Let's
just say that there is more to come. Their website does mention that it would be a great place for kids' birthday parties, just as Carroll Indoor Sports is.

Here is GSE Systems just in front of the warehouse. Check out that blue sky!

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