Friday, May 11, 2012

Speaking of Flip-Flopping.....Steny Hoyer

Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer seems to be the latest in a long line of liberal lemmings to flip-flop their official position on gay marriage. Congressman Hoyer is best known for his bigoted/racist remark about African-American Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele ("a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party.").

 I'm not sure why Hoyer felt the need to announce his change in position.  It's not like he's going to run for a higher office. We've established that already. Perhaps he feels threatened by the Republican Congressional challenger Tony O'Donnell.

 Now that I think about it - it's a legitimate threat. Hoyer has been "slavishly supporting the Democratic Party" in Congress for 31 years. People are tired of the same old tax-tax-tax, spend-spend-spend mentality that Hoyer offers.  I honestly think there will be a bigger sea of change in the upcoming election. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Steny Hoyer get his retirement ticket punched? I mean, 31 years of solid failure should be good enough to send someone off into the sunset.

 So are there any other Democrats in Maryland who are not officially in favor of gay marriage and need to announce that they have changed their position?  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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