Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baltimore DPW - Pay More For Your Water!

Marylanders are constantly being told that inflation is in check. Good thing.  I can't imagine how much more expensive things would get if there was inflation.

Without inflation, gas is, what, 50-100% more than it was several years ago.  Have you bought any food lately?  In addition to shrinking the package sizes, the prices are significantly higher.  The only prices that seem to have come down are housing prices, and this is because no one is buying houses and people that have them are defaulting on their mortgages and being kicked out onto the street.

Now Baltimore's Department of Public Works, which holds all water consumers hostage, announced that it is increases the prices of water by 9%.  Did you get a 9% raise this year?  I sure didn't.  That means that the cost of living is consuming a larger portion of our income.  Our quality of life will decrease and we will spend less money on discretionary items, the items that seem to drive our economy.  Therefore, more people will be laid off.  (Attention Sparrow's Point workers - you're probably not going to be able to find a new job when you get laid off.  Sorry.)

And didn't our water bill go up last year by about 9%?  I think our family now pays about $1,300 per year in water. It's now cheaper for me to take a bath in beer.  Enough tax and fee and rate increases already!

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