Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad.

My father's birthday isn't until June 2nd, but since we're going to Dover for the NASCAR race next weekend, my mother wanted to have us get together this weekend to celebrate.

We met at my sister's house for a cookout.  My mom said to meet at 2pm.  We got there at 2:15, yet we were the first ones there. No surprise there.  Closer to three I went outside to get the grill going.  My sister came outside and said that my parents had arrived and that we should go outside to greet them.  Uh.....okay.  So I followed her around to the front of her house.  Then I see this red Mustang GT pull up.  Who the heck is that???

My mom hollers out the window, "Hiiii!!!!"  There is where the young crowd would say, "O-M-G!"

My dad got out and said he bought himself an early birthday present.  He said that he's been looking at Mustangs for a while.  His father owned a 1965 Mustang fastback.  My dad was hoping that when he graduated from college he'd get it.  Much to his chagrin, when he graduated he came home to find that his father had traded in the Mustang on a 1970 Ford Torino.  Booo!

He said that in a few days he is going to be 63 years old and as Ronald Reagan said, "If not now, when?"

He took me for a spin.  Then took the grandkids for a spin.  He actually called it a 'Pony ride'.  Then I asked if I could take it for a ride.  He handed me the keys and said, "Go for it!"  I took my oldest daughter with me.  We went for a 10 minute zoom.  That car with its 300 hp can go from 30-60 in like a split second.  Fantastic!  And the rumble of the engine is enough to excite me into submission.

Will I inherit this car one day?

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