Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Potpourri Part 1

I know I'm not blogging much right now, but here are some highlights of the past few weeks.

My son's baseball team threw a no-hit shutout last Saturday.  The team was fairly terrible, so it's not like they beat the Yankees, but a thrilling victory nonetheless.

While we had all that rain over the last couple of days, I noticed that I had Niagara Falls in my front yard.  Apparently my gutters were clogged.  Today I got up on the roof and started pulling out a mesh of maple tree sprouts.  I wonder if this would be good to add to a salad.

My daughter was confirmed at Church the previous weekend.  We had family over so I made a fruit salad, which I decided to make into a bowl of art.  Quite proud of my creation.  And my photograph.

I haven't run since the Port to Fort 6K on April 29th.  Later that evening I picked up my daughter to carry her because her legs were hurting (one of the side effects of her chemo).  As soon as I picked her up a pain shot through my groin.  Another hernia?  Sure feels like it.  The initial pain subsided, but the stingers and pangs are still there and starting to get worse.  Do I get another hernia surgery?  Is that really what I want right now? Ugh.....

We recently had what's called the supermoon.  This is the time of year when the moon's orbit is closest to the Earth.  I played around with my camera for a while taking pictures of it until a got one I liked.  Check it out.  I had to turn the flash off and set the shutter for a quick speed.  Otherwise the moon was a big white blob.  I think this even looks like one of those astronomy pictures.  Pretty cool, eh?

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