Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green Oak Landscaping: A$$HØГEZ of the Day

I was driving home today following a white F-250 pulling a black trailer toting 2 zero-turning mowers.  I thought nothing of following them UNTIL the passenger threw a giant handful of lunch trash out the window.

Who was this environmental hater?  It was none other than an employee (owner?) of Green Oak Landscaping, LLC Hard Scape Specialists, 221 West Old Liberty Road, Sykesville, Maryland, 21784.

If you'd like to let them know what you think of a Carroll County business throwing trash into the streets of Baltimore County, give them a call - (410) 274-1046.


Kent Allard said...

This must have been a$$h0[e day in Carroll County then. I got behind a LaFarge (Truck #17 out out of Towson) cement mixer this afternoon on Hemlock (yes...by the soon to be gone Kmart) He had his chute partially down and was dumping large clumps of concrete all over the road. Then he made the turn on Liberty going west and continued slopping it all over the place as he went along. Completely oblivious. First I called LaFarge, got transferred around (OF COURSE!) so I hung up and called the police. Apparently lots of other people had as well as they were already on their way to stop him. The concrete was still there, splattered and hardening in the road near Denny's when I came back later. A coworker of mine was killed a few months back in Libertytown by a cement hauler that crossed the center line so I was extra pissed off by this guy.

Eludius said...

Wow. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I've seen too many times items falling off of trucks. I was once hit by an ICC bumper that fell off a truck and flattened several of my tires. It was dark, before most people had cellphones, and I was stranded on the left shoulder of the highway (not the safest place to be) for 3 hours.

Eludius said...

I posted a complaint on his Facebook page and now it's gone.


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