Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama O'Malley O'Marriage O'Flip-Flop

So it seems like the Democrats are trying to steer the upcoming election away from what is important (the economy), to a social issue (gay marriage).  I guess if you know you're in trouble, look a squirrel!

After increasing pressure from the press, the Hollywood bully-pulpit, and Vice President Biden going rogue, President Obama was backed into a corner and forced to say that he is now in favor of gay marriage.  This is, of course, after saying that he was against gay marriage, but yet had an "evolving" opinion.  Don't be fooled.  This is rhetoric for "I'm monitoring public opinion and will shift my answer when I feel it is most advantageous to my polling numbers."  This evolving opinion was, of course, after Obama was previously in favor of gay marriage prior to running for political office. Thank goodness for Obama the public has a short memory.

Following President Obama's most recent flip-flopping on the social issue of gay marriage, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley praised Obama for this flip-flop.  This is coming for O'Malley who's known for his own flip-flops.  O'Malley was praised for his support of the gay marriage initiative in Maryland during this recent legislative session.  But this is after being AGAINST gay marriage during his first term in office.  How can you praise someone for a decision when they were against it previously?  If I was the benefactor of the changed opinion, in this case the gay community, I absolutely wouldn't trust him (not that I trust him anyway).

You know Martin O'Malley is sitting in his red smoking robe tonight patting himself on the back for getting another press conference to let everyone know that he agrees with the President.  Whoop-dee-doo.  This guy wants to be President  himself, right?  God help us.

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