Sunday, January 08, 2012

When It's That Cold - Eat Ice Cream!

Remember that day last week where it got down to 11°? At least it got down to that here in Carroll County, also known as God's country. My daughter was in the hospital and my mother-in-law came to stay with us for a few days. My mother-in-law needed some things at Staples, my son wanted Mexican food for dinner, and my daughter wanted to find a laptop case. So the obvious decision was we needed to go to Westminster.

We ate dinner at this little hole in the wall named Papa Joe's. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, but I'll go back and get a picture. The food there was fantastic. I thought it was on Main Street, but we couldn't find it. I stepped into the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Office and asked if they knew where it was. The lady got up and said to just follow the wonderful smell. She then walked us to the back of the building where we found it. There are maybe 12 - 14 tables in there. The food was so good!

After dinner, we went to Staples and got our junk. My kids then wanted to know if we could drive by the hoarders house in Liberty Street. We had just been watching Hoarders and there was an episode where the woman lived in Westminster. It wasn't much to see at this point. The house looked abandoned and it was empty. There were plenty of "No Parking" signs in front of the house, so I imagine it became a bit of a spectacle, much to the neighbor's chagrin. But they did find some dead cats in the bathroom buried under a pile of used adult diapers. That's always cool!

Finally, my son says, "Let's go to Hoffman's!" First of all, it's either in the low 20's or the high teens at this point. I tell him he's crazy. Then I drive there. But I have to admit - Hoffman's ice cream is the best ice cream ever. So we stopped there got 4 ice cream cones. The peppermint is incredible. You should get some! Thus ended the coldest night so far this year.

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