Friday, January 27, 2012

Now In Randallstown - Tang Soo Do Karate

The old abandoned Woodsmith's Furniture in Randallstown, or more commonly known as the hamlet of Houghton, finally has a new occupant. Tang Soo Do Karate has moved in and they are looking for some serious customers! I saw 2 older overweight men in there practicing one evening, possibly waiting for new customers. Neither looked like they were named Tang. More like Antonio and George.

If you're interested in the history, prior to the Woodsmith's Furniture, which started in 1998, there was a hardware store, which opened in 1965. Before the hardware store it was an Eckard's grocery store. I'm not sure when that opened. Judging by the design of the building, I'd say the 1930's or 40's. I learned this by reading The Forgotten Corner, A History of Oakland Mill by Diana Mills Scott. Again - older folks who know please fill me in! And sign up for karate!

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