Sunday, January 15, 2012

Martin O'Malley Calls Disagreers Stupid

If you don't agree with Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, then you're stupid. Why? Because he said so!

Defending his Soviet-style PlanMaryland where the state takes absolute control over planning decisions away from the counties by executive order, Martin O'Malley showed his arrogant and intolerant side, something we only see a few times per day. Funny how liberals say that conservatives are intolerant. When liberals get mad at you for disagreeing with them and then they mock you, that's not intolerance for some reason.

So what did Martin "Workers of the world unite" O'Malley say? He said, "The state's not going to be part of these stupid decisions, and we're not going to be subsidizing stupid decisions..." So if you want to subdivide your land and use well water, you're stupid. If you don't like his plan, you're stupid. If you don't agree with either of these statements, you're stupid.

Who are these stupid people? Well, if you live in Carroll County, you're definitely stupid. Montgomery County, you're not stupid. Eastern Shore? You and your septic tanks - you are stupid, indeed. Baltimore City? Genius! Western Maryland with all you property owners who want to develop it? You are a lot stupider than you think. Republicans and Conservatives, who are the majority of people that live in these districts? I'm sure you already realize that Martin O'Malley thinks you're stupid.

Are you offended that Maryland's Governor has the audacity to say that property owners, rural county government planners, Republicans, and Conservatives who respect the Constitution, free markets, liberty, and God make stupid decisions? I am. But I'm comforted knowing that we have a Governor who knows that I'm stupid and can make decisions for me.

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