Sunday, January 08, 2012

Coming To Eldersburg - Another Starbucks

Not sure if the Starbucks in Safeway is going to close, but the old K Bank, which is the old Key Bank before it was sued and subsequently renamed, is undergoing some renovations to become either the new Starbucks or another Starbucks.

The location is certainly awkward. Getting their from westbound Liberty Road is easy enough. Just turn right. To get there going eastbound on Liberty, you have to turn left on Georgetown Boulevard, then circle into the parking lot to the far-corner. To get out, you cannot exit back onto Liberty Road, but have to exit from the terrible entrance onto Georgetown.

I suspect this location will not thrive, but I wish them luck. I certainly don't want to see a lot of empty building in our prosperous land. But I'm sure Martin O'Malley is happy at the reuse. It should fit into his PlanMaryland.


mary said...

Its a coffee shop instead of an abandoned building. It'll be okay, I promise.

Eludius said...

Mary. I'm totally in favor of reuse of existing structures. Another Starbucks is fine. Just using some humor. :-)

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