Sunday, January 29, 2012

No More Loaching

I am sad to report that both of my loaches have passed on and are now spirits of the sea. One died last weekend and the other died this weekend.

I'm not sure what killed the loach that died last week. The lady that gave the loaches to me said she had them for about 7 years. She also said that they were eels. I knew that they were not eels. I think they were dojo loaches, but I'm not totally sure. The scales seem bigger than the pictures of loaches that I saw. And I could not find any that were the beige-gray color that these were. If you know, please inform me.

I owned the loaches for another year and a half. Did the first one die of old age? Disease? Starvation? (honestly, I fed them!) Was s/he upset about the general economic conditions of this country and the total disregard of the government to get spending under control? Was s/he upset about the massive tax increases Martin O'Malley proposed? I know that this grieves me.

Whatever the cause of the first death, the second death was definitely caused by a lonely heart. The loaches were a bonded pair. They would lay together on the gravel. They would swim
together at the surface. Poor little babies. I'll miss you!

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