Monday, January 09, 2012

Coming To Eldersburg - Another Asian Martial Arts Business

Currently not short on Asian martial arts businesses (please note that I did not say Oriental), Eldersburg is moving to further corner the market on such establishments.

The former Hardee's, former Auto Sound Innovations, has been undergoing some transformation. There are no signs indicating what the new establishment will be, so I first Googled it. The site seems to be owned by 1840 Liberty Road LLC, but the mailing address is in a residential section of Westminster.

The Maryland Property Database shows the primary structure being built in 2001, but we know that's not correct. When we moved to Eldersburg in 1999 it was already an abandoned former-restaurant. Also on that website I see that a former owner bought it in 1985. That sounds more reasonable. That may be when the Hardee's opened. Any older Eldersburgers know?

Since I couldn't find out any more information via the Internet, I did the next best thing - I drove to the site and asked one of the construction workers. "It's going to be a karate place." he says. So there you have it. I'm happy that the building is going to be used once again. More tax revenue for Marty O'Malley!

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Dave B said...

Tristar Martial Arts is moving there

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