Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O'Malley Hates the Legislative Process?

As you'll recall I wrote about Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's PlanMaryland, the vicious authoritarian plan to enforce his vision of environmental policies and political control over the minority party. Now, instead of letting his plan go through the legislative process and review via the Maryland General Assembly, it will be mandated through Executive Order. I think it's safe to say that this process is usually utilized when the Governor\President knows he's not going to get his way.

Most rural districts are against the plan, and, not surprisingly, most Republicans live in the in the rural areas of the state. With the Executive Order, O'Malley can skip these pesky politicians that are elected by the citizens of the state of Maryland. I mean, why should you bother with the legislative review that may publicize flaws with a plan when you can just mandate it and shove it down everyone's throat?

Is there going to be much flack because of this action? Probably not. Most Marylanders don't give a crap about the restrictive laws that are passed. Who gets screwed? Land owners. Small businesses who want to expand. Marylanders as this plan is sure to deter companies from moving to Baltimore or opening branch offices of their companies here. Thus a loss of future tax revenue. Lots of people will get screwed. Does O'Malley care? Evidently not.

You are free to love or hate PlanMaryland. But I think every Marylander with any common sense will agree that O'Malley's Executive Order is definitely the wrong way to go about it. Shame on you, Governor!

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