Friday, December 30, 2011


Eldersburg actually made the new in The Sun. And this time it wan't for someone in Randallstown robbing one of the businesses in our quaint bucolic town. This time it was because of Carrolltown and K-Mart.

As I mentioned recently, Sears Holding is closing 100-120 or so of its failing stores. Those of us in prosperous region of South Carroll were elated at this news because the K-Mart in our town is the epitome of failure. They MUST be closing this K-Mart, right?

Sadly, our hopes were dashed almost as quickly as we formed them. Sears Holdings released a list of the stores that were closing and the Eldersburg K-Mart was not cool enough to make the cut.

Now, another twist of fate, The Baltimore Sun posted an article about Carrolltown and Eldersburg's desire to rid the the town of this pox of a store. The rumor in town is that K-Mart has a golden lease, meaning it pays very little in rent and has something like a 50 year lease that allows it to have veto authority for any changes, sort of like K-Mart being on the Carrolltown Center Security Council (re NATO).

As The Baltimore Sun states, the lease actually expires in 2013. That's only a year and a couple of days or 2 years and a day away, depending on the month and day of the expiration of the lease. Can we wait that much longer for the lease to expire and boot this ghetto store from the 1970's? Or will Dixon Harvey and Black Oak Associations (owners of Carrolltown Center) pull the rug out from under the citizens of Eldersburg and extend the lease?

At this point, absolutely no one knows. We've spun around in circles on this issue for years. The citizens of Eldersburg feel like they have been misled and deceived by everyone from the court system, the Zoning and Planning Commission, Sears, K-Mart, and Black Oak Associates. At this point we trust no one. We must assume that all news we hear is a lie.

By the way, have there been any robberies in Eldersburg lately?

Oh, and have you ever noticed that K-Mart, the anchor tenant at Carrolltown Center, is not on the main sign for the mall? What does that tell you?

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