Friday, December 23, 2011

Commuters Paradise

I usually cannot complain about my commute to and from work. On a good day it's about 16 minutes. On a bad day it's about 25 minutes. For the past few weeks there has been construction between Owings Mills Boulevard and Marriottsville Road and again on Liberty Road through the hamlet of Holbrook.

Fortunately, the construction and lane closures are usually complete by the time I go home. Yesterday was a different story. I felt like I was living in Montgomery County.

First I roll into this. The 4 lane highway of Lyon's Mill between Painter's Mill and Owings Mills Boulevard, with a speed limit of 30 mph where everyone goes 70 mph, we merge into the center turn lane. You know this is going to cause mass confusion among the idiot class when they get on the road.

Then, past the light we queue up for leapfrog lane-shifting. They have to extend the 30 mph superhighway.

I didn't capture a picture of this going home, but I had to return to Owings Mills to go to BJ's (I forgot to do this from leaving work). See the guard rails at the bottom of this decline? They went up in less than 30 minutes. Who knew guard rails could be assembled so quickly? I wish Congress was as effective as this construction crew!

So while I'm excited that the roads are being repaved and widened in some parts, I share the frustration with my fellow commuters of sitting and waiting.

Thank you Keven Kamenetz and the Department of Public Works and Olney Masonry Corporation for building the Lyon's Mill Highway.

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