Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Night at Skateland With the Children's Cancer Foundation

Last weekend was a busy weekend for us. Saturday started with the early morning continental breakfast and fun times at the Maryland Science Center compliments of Casey Cares. In the evening we had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the December holidays with an evening at Skateland in Towson hosted by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

All of the children involved in this event have some sort of chronic illness, mainly cancer and Sickle Cell. For an evening they get to forget about their illnesses and skate around the rink jamming to Christmas music. We got to eat roller rink hot dogs and pizza and nachos. A grocery store donated frozen treats such as Butterfinger ice cream bars, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and Popsicles.

I haven't been to Skateland since 1983 and it is just as I remember it. The one and only time I went roller skating was at the Dundalk Skateland off of Merrit Boulevard for my best friend's birthday party. It is memorable because I fell and broke my arm. Oh, what fun that was!

Can't you just picture Jive Talkin' playing while you're rollering?!!!

Well, things aren't exactly as I remember them. Check out this sign. Gun checks at Skateland? Was an episode of The Wire filmed here or something? I thought this was Towson, not Woodlawn. What colors do gangs in Towson wear? Plaid?

The Towson Skateland doesn't mess around. Check out this warning. If you are caught chewing gum on the rink, you will be fined $3!!! Attention all 'patorns'!!! What's a patorn? Should I be on the lookout for them?

Overall I did okay. Didn't go real fast. Didn't skate backwards. No double axels. No whips. But most importantly - I didn't fall! I think this place would be jammin' on Disco Night.

Thank you Children's Cancer Foundation for a wonderful night! Thank you, Santa Claus, for making a surprise visit!!!

Trios? Is that like a girl sandwich?

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