Monday, December 05, 2011

Eldersburg: Dickenson Road Extension Almost Ready

I'm willing to bet vast sums of money that most people in Eldersburg don't know where Dickenson Road is. It is the road between McDonald's and Oklahoma Road Middle School that ends right behind Carroll Station. I'm willing to bet even more money that most people in Eldersburg don't know where Carroll Station is.

Carroll Station is the strip mall that opened when Carrolltown Mall booted their tenants out - Radio Shack, Carrolltowne Liquors, and the remnants of Genesis II hair salon. In addition to these places, there is The Cork restaurant, Sherwin Williams, and Epic Pharmacy, among others.

Dickenson Road was extended to intersect West Hemlock Road, the road that passes the library. The exciting part of this road extension is that the morons who make the illegal left turn in front of Carroll Station now have a legal alternative - they can turn left on Hemlock, then right on Dickenson, then right into Carroll Station. I'm that guy that refuses to let them cross over west-bound Route 26 when traffic is heavy solely because it is an illegal turn. They can currently drive up to the McDonald's and turn left onto Oklahoma Road, then come up Dickenson the other way.

I'm such an old person, I know. But rules are rules. And I'm not going to help you break them. Dickenson Road should be legally open soon. I told my wife that technically you could drive on it now, you just need to drive over the cones that are in the way. She disagreed. Here's to safer turns in Eldersburg!

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