Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Casey Cares Evening With LaQuan Williams of the Ravens

Last week my son and I had the opportunity to meet Baltimore Raven LaQuan Williams. The event was sponsored by Casey Cares, though this time we were actually paying customers and not benefactors of their organization.

LaQuan Williams hasn't had much playing time this year, but he did go to University of Maryland and played at Poly High School, which is where my grandfather went to high school, though my grandfather went to the original Poly High School further in the city and that was back in the 1930's. Needless to say, Mr. Williams has been a local figure for some time now.

Thank you to Casey Cares and Pump It Up in Owings Mills for hosting this event. I will have to say, however, that there is very little lighting in the business park off of Cronhill Drive. Many of us were driving in circles trying to find this place.

I like this picture because the lady (his wife\girlfriend?) is giving him the look. Not sure what the look was for or if it was just the timing of the picture.

And finally, a funny story. I was standing in line watching the children of several parents in front of us running and slamming into each other, screaming and being generally disrespectful while their parents said, "No, no, no! Stop! Behave! Stop! Stop, or I'll be forced to say 'stop' again!"

I eventually turned my attention to the people behind me as their children were more civilized. I overheard the lady 2 groups behind me say to the woman behind me, "Did you go to Randallstown (high school)?" She confirmed that she did, both said the years they graduated (1987 and 1988). One of my good friends went to Randallstown and graduated in that era, so I spoke up and asked if they knew Duckman. Their eyes both lit up. The first lady said, "I know Duckman!" The other lady said, "Everybody knows Duckman!". I thought that was really funny.

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