Monday, February 15, 2010

O'Malley's Tenure Flip-Flop

Never one to constrict himself with principles, Martin O'Malley has done an about face on recommendations to change tenure requirements for public school teachers.

Previously, Governor Martin O'Malley did whatever the teachers' union told him to do. I hear that they once told him to wear lipstick and pink underwear. No confirmation on whether or not he did that, but I would bet my money on him doing whatever they demanded.

However, there is one thing that guides Martin O'Malley's principles more than campaign contributions - and that if federal tax dollars. As reported by, socialist-leaning Obama has a new education program called "Race to the Top". This program is a blatant attempt at removing more state sovereignty, increasing federal control, and dictating how states should operate the schools and what they teach the children by bribing the states with money. It's a very common federal strategy. The federal government uses the same methods for federal highway & transportation dollars.

As for the federal program, by increasing then tenure requirement to 3 years, O'Malley is increasing Maryland's chance at receiving more federal tax dollars.

Maryland State Schools Superintendent Nancy Grasmick had recommended these changes previously, but Slick Marty rejected her recommendation because he hates her. And she tends to vote Republican. But most importantly, apparently Grasmick didn't bribe O'Malley with enough money.

I'm not against increasing the requirements to get tenure. Heck, most jobs are at-will hires and we get fired when we screw up. People in tenured positions can screw up royally or do things that most people would consider outrageous, but they cannot be fired unless they do something radical like bring a gun to school or show up at a pro-life rally.

It's amazing that Martin O'Malley can look so tall without having a spine.

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